I hate it! :( advice on flavouring to help!

So after hearing some amazing things I decided to try! I was so excited to get started but I just don’t get along with it , feel like I’ve wasted my money! I just find its really not enjoyable at all! Has anyone else found this or had an experience like this and what did you do to come round to it ?

I’ve tried the flavour sachets (better with the vanilla than unflavoured)… I’ve added things like peanut butter.
my main problem is the unflavoured, what do you find works best with this, would you recommend adding types of fruit to this?

Would hate to just give up after seeing so many people with good reviews I’m clearly doing something wrong haha

Thanks in advance xoxox

Yep, lots of people - not just with Huel either. Coming from a varied meal plate to a fairly monotone shake is a big jump and can take a bit of getting used to, so don’t panic just yet :slight_smile:

Complete Foods as a rule tend to be fairly neutral in flavour to stop people getting tired of them, that’s brilliant because it makes them easy to tweak, but also terrible if you don’t like the initial taste.

For my part I do all sorts to flavour Huel. I add fruit and blend it, use almond or coconut milk instead of water, add black coffee, green tea and lots more (not all at once of course).

Check out this thread, lots of tips to get you enjoying things :slight_smile:

There are already quite a lot of threads about flavouring ideas, best to hunt one of those down. @Tristan has linked one above.

The only advice I can offer is to use chilled bottled water (£2.50 will get you 6 x 1.5L bottles from a supermarket) and put some ice in it after you’ve mixed it.

That was the very first topic I created on this forum. I kind of chuckle when I read that topic title as I prefer to drink regular vanilla Huel straight up nowadays. Eventually I’ve gotten to a point where I feel all the different flavours are just getting in my way really - tricky thing to explain. It’s still nice to have some variety though.

You know what helped me for a little while? Drinking Huel using a straw. Something about the straw made the taste a bit more manageable during the early stages. Another tricky thing to explain in terms of exactly how the straw helped. Heh. I dunno. But, yeah, basically I chucked all sorts of flavours in (banana was and probably still is my favourite) along with a straw and tried to think happy thoughts as I drank. Heh.

But, yeah, my only advice would be… don’t lose hope… because nearly a year ago I was in your position and now I’m building up to a little experimental spell of having Huel 100 percent.

Hi Georgie, really sorry to hear that you haven’t got along initially with the flavour of Huel. The Huelers above have delivered some solid advice and good places to look. I think a few key points should be:

  • Make sure you use ice cold water or add ice - Huel is best served cold. You can get the same effect by leaving over night in the fridge but without the immediate convenience.
  • Perhaps try half and half Vanilla and U/U? U/U is an acquired taste because there is nowhere for the vegan protein sources to hide from, which are quite ‘earthy’. So combining the two would help balance that without making your Huel too sweet.

There are a number of savoury options too that work well with U/U Huel. Some have tried soups but personally I love our Peanut Curry Huel recipe.

Don’t panic just yet! There are 100s of ways to enjoy Huel and once you’ve got it it will all click into place!

It’s invariably a shock first time you try it…even more so for the unflavoured in many cases. Unfortunately different palates suit different tastes…we are hooked on the taste of sugar and salt. I used to only eat very spicy curries; a vindaloo was right on…but my tastes have tempered and I don’t want that heat; I haven’t tried peanut curry flavour yet but have tried many other things with varying success…you’ll have to experiment, but as said above cold is generally good. I always refrigerate overnight (unless no fridge access).

I LOVE the vanilla flavouring of the gluten-free and I find it really yummy to drink.

I use soya milk with huel for breakfast, sometimes I’ll add a flavour. And add fruit and soya milk for lunch. I only add one to one and a half scoops.

Thank you for got advice! Not going to give up yet, will defenitely start trying more stuff!! I love almond milk never thought to try it with that … was just worried because every thread I read was only good things, i thought ‘what am I doing wrong’ haha… again thank you though!

Thank you for replying!! So glad I’m not the only one who initially didn’t like it haha :slight_smile: a straws a good idea … I think I’m just going to have to keep experimenting with different things and hopefully will turn my thoughts around like you :slight_smile:

First drink I had, I had the same ‘I’ve wasted my money’ panic. Then I made huel waffles and I was impressed- tasty and really filling.
As a drink, the vanilla alone is too sweet for me, but the U/U does require quite a bit of flavour. Mixing the two works nicely. I think it does take a bit of a push to get used to the ‘tang’- it reminded me at first of getting a multivitamin getting stuck on the roof of your mouth. I got used to it quite quickly though.
I’m a chocolate fiend, so I often use hot chocolate powder, nesquik, and/or cocoa powder to flavour. Blending gives a nice consistency. The really sweet iced lattes that you can buy pre-packaged in supermarkets work well with U/U in my opinion. I really want to try blending with alpro chocolate hazelnut ice cream.
Speaking of almond milk- I think theres a dark chocolate almond milk that’s in most supermarkets? probably alpro… That’d be amazing with 50/50 UU/vanilla (or 60/40 tbh). :heart_eyes: