Can't stand the taste!

I’ve been trying to use Huel for a week now, and I just can’t get it down, it makes me gag and feel so sick trying to get it down! I’ve tried ice, tried using more/less water, less scoops/more scoops, tried using milk, tried the flavour boosts (cannot taste a difference except sometimes slightly sweeter), tried coffee etc. I just cannot use it, I can’t just get up in the morning and make Huel, or have Huel or dinner. Am I just part of the 1% that can’t stand Huel or am I just doing something wrong! Someone please give me some suggestions, it be so annoying to have to send it back.

I’ve just tried the flavour boost and it made me gag. I normally blend the U/U with some frozen fruit or banana, or mix with fruit juice and water. Turns out I can’t stand stevia!

What kind of powder are you using? So far I’ve tried the unflavoured/unsweetened and the current vanilla, and I find them to be very different from each other. If you’re having problems with the flavoured varieties you could go as neutral as possible and try the U/U, since it hardly has any taste at all (which I like), to see if it’s the flavours or the ”basic taste” that makes it hard to stomach for you.

Taste is so subjective it’s perfectly possible that you just aren’t getting on with the flavour, but there’s still more to try :slight_smile:

By its very nature huel’s flavour is fairly subtle, but it can still be love/hate. If you’re mixing by hand shaking then the first thing to try is mix it the night before and let it sit overnight in the fridge - that’ll do a lot to change the texture.

If you have a blender then adding fruit is a good way to tweak things, banana’s work well but will make the mix thicker. Likewise strawberries and frozen fruits are popular options. Think about rh kind of shakes you enjoy already and replicate them.

There’s a bunch of huel recipes for pancakes, muffins and the like, give the forum a search and lots will pop up.

Also, why are you trying huel? If it’s weight loss or an improved diet then keep those goals in mind, you’ll get used to it.

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Yeah - which version did you try? I originally tried the old vanilla a couple of years ago and it was awful. I recently started on new vanilla and now find that a little too sweet so I mix with 50% U/U and occasionally add a little from the flavour pouches.

It still took a week or so to bed in and get used to it, but love it now.

Also - you didn’t mention if you used a blender? Always blend! I find it makes a real difference - that and drinking it chilled.

I prefer it non-blended. But agree with chilled. For first few months I always blended, then didn’t have a blender one day…wow what a revelation, never went back to blending unless adding something like fruit or desiccated coconut etc.

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Help! Me too! I am 200 mls down my first Heul - 500mls water, 2 scoops vanilla and one choolate flavour thingy - and I seriously think I am about to hurl it up. I just cant swallow it!!! Is it the sweetness? I couldnt buy a small amount so have two huge (not allowed to buy just one) sacks of it to get theough. The other is berry. Something catches in my throat. An hour so struggle down 200mls. I blended it too. Bleuugh

I struggle to grasp the mindset that leads one to say, in effect, “Oh, this tastes awful, what is wrong with me?” Look, if a food doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t. It’s not your fault; it’s the food’s fault. Don’t eat it!

If you are devoted to the idea of an all-in-one meal replacement – and it is a great concept, no question – then look around, there are other products with equally complete nutrition but different formulae and flavors. Not appropriate to link to them in this forum, but they’re easy to find.

Haha that may be true fernly but it’s also true Huel can be tough to get right at first. For one, I really don’t like the chocolate flavour thingy. @Onions, keep experimenting with the flavour and thickness. I love vanilla on its own but it can be flavoured with all sorts. Top tip to start with, blend it if possible, and if not (or even if you do) put it in the fridge for a few hours. It soaks the oats better, reducing the sweetness and improving the texture!

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I didn’t like Huel the first time I tried it…but I drink it nearly every day now…since mar 2016. I do mix it up a bit but generally 50/50 up and vanilla and 50/50 plant milk/water. Refrigerated overnight

Did all those things prior to drinking. Reat of my family couldnt drink it either. Not the texture, its the oatiness - really catches my throat, in fact I can still kinda taste it. Really gutted because i love the concept

Which vanilla?

I got the Berry for my first order, made it up and thought to myself that I had made a huge mistake. It took me a couple of hours to slowly sip my way through it. However mixing in fruit with a blender has made a huge difference for me. Fresh strawberries work nicely for me (especially as they are in season at the mo) Raspberries were really disappointing (no flavour made the mix really thin) Some frozen smoothie mixtures work quite well. So now I make them up the night before so I can take breakfast a lunch to work with me each day.

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But what do you do on your day off?

Best for me is very cold water - think water refrigerated over night, add Huel when its time to eat, shake as normal then add some ice for extra cold before a last shake and drinking.

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I was anxious to start having Huel again after a previous bad experience but I have to say the new berry powder is great. Prefer it when blended with water and a bit of ice.

Not too keen on the coffee bars though - they must be an acquired taste.

@hunzas am I doing it wrong?

Doing what wrong? Blending it, putting in fridge, shaking at the wrong angle, or with the lid off?

I don’t think you are…and after all different things work for different people…with regards to consistency, ratios of different huel varieties, shaking, stirring, whisking or blending, refrigerating or not…you’ve gotta do what is best for you. Takes a while to get it right for some people, and I tweak stuff now and again. The thing not to do is try Huel once, not like it and give up on it…

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Agreed the don’t give up too quickly thing is it in a nutshell. If I was asked for 1 piece of advice on Hue l that’d have to be top

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