1st huel and it was horrible couldn't keep it down 😟

Had my first huel today. And it was truly horrible, found it to watery, tasteless. Not sure if I can try another one. Any hints and tips

Well if it was too watery, make it thicker?

I make mine really rather thick. Equal volume of Huel & water.

Did you have the vanilla or unflavoured? If unflavoured, it wasn’t designed to be drunk as is and usually needs enhancements such as the flavour packs or fruit, etc.

If Vanilla, did you find it too sweet? Not sweet enough? Just right? I find the vanilla too sweet so add unsweetened cocoa powder+instant coffee to counter it.

Adding ice/chilling it is a good option too. It makes a smoother drink and takes off some of the sweetness.

Essentially, I am saying to experiment. Make it thicker, add flavours, chill it, etc.

In addition…it is best made up the night before and kept in fridge rather than making up and then drinking straight away…not always convenient I appreciate…especially if away from home.

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I tried the Vanilla one. Made it up last night and when I took it out the fridge this morning. I had split. And look very watery . I did 570ml to 3 scoops. As it said on the instructions.

Make sure you re-shake after the contents have settled overnight.

I’d put more Huel in for starters - for that amount of water I find 3 scoops is slightly thin, four scoops is smoothie consistency and 5 is getting close to porridge. I usually go for 5 scoops (3 is more like a small lunch… I thought that was a full meal suggestion when I started).

I found my first one made me feel a bit sick, but I’m sure that’s just a gag respose remembering protein shakes I’ve tried that were disgusting. Blend if you can… I find mixing fresh with icy cold water works much better than in the fridge overnight. Once you get over the oat bits it’s really nice (unless you have the unsweetened version, I find that it is a completely different product altogether).

Hope this helps

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Do you add coffee or coco powder to it to reduce the sweetness?

Or even frozen fruit?

I think you get used to the sweetness - I don’t really think it’s too bad myself

I like to put 4 massive heaped scoops of vanilla flavour Huel into a blender with about 650ml water and then let it chill in the fridge for at least a couple of hours. I measured my big scoops and they add up to about 166g.

I found it too sweet as well, but that was only after I’d been drinking the vanilla for about 3 weeks straight. I bought some unflavoured and mixed them in equal parts, much nicer. Why don’t you try blending it with peanut butter, a banana, cocoa powder, spirulina, mixing different ratios of unflavoured and vanilla, and instead of water blend it with soy milk*, almond milk, oat milk, hazelnut milk, coconut water? There are endless possibilities.

The minimal approach is to just drink straight vanilla with water, but after several weeks at 80-100% Huel I think most people like a bit of variety.

*Unsweetened soy milk in particular is creamy but ever-so-slightly sour and perfectly counteracts the vanilla flavour.

Taste buds are crazy things :slight_smile:

I originally used a different product where I liked the taste, but didn’t like the texture. I started on Huel a couple of months ago now and at the same time as that, introduced my partner to the concept of these drinks – he has a very physical job, so he started at the same time and took to them like a duck to water.

My first impression with Huel was that I liked the texture (love it, actually), but didn’t like the taste – the initial drink was fine, but I couldn’t stand the aftertaste.

About three or four drinks in, I started to adjust, and now I love it – a mild, vanilla pudding.

As said enough, do find the density that works for you. Blending it when you make it up is good (I use a BlendActiv bottle, fill the bottle up to the i in Active, add three scoops and then blend before fridging overnight). I shake it in the morning, and now I’m sitting here sipping away.

Important: Do add the water first. Do shake before drinking as well. Don’t leave more than 24 hours before drinking.

If you don’t adjust by the time you finish your first order, you may want to look into similar products, as some people just DO have different tastes – but I hope you adjust! I think it’s one of the best out there, if not the best!


My wife has just had her first try of vanilla Huel this morning.

I’d added some skinny salted caramel syrup - she’s very into salted caramel at the minute - and now she wants me to make a lunch time shake for her to take to work.

Noooo! Not my precious Huel. :frowning2:

I can’t have a thing to myself.


This is exactly what I thought it smelled like when I first opened my Huel package: vanilla pudding.

I actually find the Vanilla one delicious! I really enjoy drinking it. Recently bought a bag of the unflavoured though, because I heard that was easier to mix but it tastes horrible, I hate it! Won’t be buying that one again, just need to find something to mix it with to make it more drinkable till it’s finished.

The flavour packs work quite well with the U&U, or you could buy another bag of Vanilla and do 50/50 until you’ve used up the U&U - it’s obviously not as sweet as the pure Vanilla but is a lot more palatable!

If you don’t mind a few extra calories, try blending with one (or a combination) of these:

-Milk (I use about 50/50 semi-skimmed milk and water)
-Fruits (I’m enjoying some coconut at the moment)