Can barely force it down help!

Today I started using vanilla Huel for the first time. I’ve had breakfast and lunch consisting of Huel but I can barely force it down. It’s taking me forever and I’m really struggling to drink it. I also bought the mocha flavour pack but that just made it taste worse! That overpowering chemical sweetener taste is just vile! Need some tips on how to make it bearable as I have the whole two large packs to get through and I actually feel physically sick after drinking It. What can I add to mask the taste? What have you added that masks the taste as much as possible?

Try mixing it with the unflavoured unsweetened Huel.

I mix 2 scoops UU and 1 scoop Vanilla in 500ml of water because I find Vanilla too sickly/sweet on its own.

I also add a teaspoonful of cinnamon powder or a teaspoon of coffee for extra flavour.

I can imagine the pouches to be quite overpowering if you’re not use to that sort of thing.

Clearly a matter of taste as I love the vanilla :slight_smile:


Does the unsweetened one not have that chemical aftertaste? Doesn’t really help me now though as I have two bags of vanilla lol but good to know for the future. I really want to be able to drink this without feeling sick! Thanks will try cinnamon and coffee tomorrow.

See if you can return them. Contact the Huel guys they are always helpful.

A word of warning on the unsweetened though, it really does taste earthy as they describe on the website. Might be okay with a pouch sweetener though.

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I had exactly the same problem when I started 2 weeks ago, now I love the stuff!

Firstly, I switched from making up the vanilla Huel with water to using semi skimmed milk. Next tip is that if you are getting an artificial chemical taste from the flavour powder, you’re using too much of it. So cut back on the amount of powder you’re adding.

Also, you can try adding your own flavourings. I occasionally add milkshake flavour mix to the milk first as a treat! Strawberry and raspberry are both good. It only takes a little, and only adds a few extra calories.

Hope this helps.



Mee too! xx

Thanks everyone, I’m pretty sure I’m not adding too much as I use two level scoops? Will try using milk today to see if it helps and the milkshake flavouring is a good idea x

I couldn’t use the Huel flavourings either, I ended up using something called FlavDrops which you can get from the MyProtein website. It’s not Vegan unfortunately but it really did help with the ‘chemically’ taste from the powders. There are a bunch of different flavours and you can add to taste. It works with both Vanilla and UF/US but I prefer just UF/US then I just add the flavour until it overpowers the oat-y taste :slight_smile:

I use flavdrops too occasionally. The ones I have direct from the company state they are vegan on the bottle…yet you say they are not. Did you buy yours recently? Which flavour(s)? I have several flavours including peanut butter; white chocolate; toffee and chocolate peanut butter. They are all labelled vegan, I bought them about 6 months ago and I wonder of they have changed the formula.

You’re right, it might just be the strawberry ones that aren’t vegan (which is the one I mainly use, so the only one I really looked into, though I have dabbled with a few other flavours.
They use Carmine for colouring in the strawberry one. They do do a Stevia Strawberry but I don’t really like the flavour of that one unfortunately

I think they were referring to the flavour powder, not the Huel itself.

There are a few things to try @Chloe_Cullum

  1. Give it time, I think you will get to like Huel it just may take a little time
  2. A blender is best
  3. Add ice and blend
  4. If you don’t have ice, make Huel and leave in the fridge over night
  5. Add some coffee granules and ice
  6. Less water will make it thicker
  7. Add some fruit, e.g. banana or blueberry’s
  8. Cinnamon is another popular addition

Experimentation should lead to the perfect Huel for you. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t like it with water so I tried milk which was great, now I love it. But looking at the calories and fat etc in milk I switched to almond milk if I can get it cheap or low fat soya, they all taste great in my opinion. Also try blending a banana, tastes great.

Soy milk. For some reason that I do not know, adding soy milk transforms huel from weird tasting into a delicious drink; if you fancy, throw also half a fruit in and blend it to get an addictive shake.