First time trying Huel, Bit of an Interesting Taste

Tried Huel for the first time today! Bit of an interesting taste to it. I got the old version as expected but since I’m blending it there was no lumps. I wanted to ask, does anyone else think it has a weird chemical aftertaste?

Its like you take a sip and it starts out oaty with a trace of the vanilla flavour and then this taste which I can only describe as “the taste one gets when one crushes up a Panadol tablet and drinks it with water” occurs.

What are some of the ways I can mask this? I was thinking of mixing it with milk and adding a banana to hide it but if anyone has any other suggestions, I’m all ears.


I have personally never had any bad or odd after taste but if you’re struggling with the flavor I would suggest Flavdrops

they don’t add anything but flavour,(zero calorie etc)

There is definately an initial shock in terms of taste probably because it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever eaten but I have to say after a while it does get quite addictive.

Flavdrops are good as is coffee but for me a 50/50 mix with unflavoured is the winner.

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Making your own ratio of vanilla with unflavoured Huel is a good way to go. Leaving it in the fridge for 3+ hours also makes it smoother which may help.

There are quite a few threads including the sticky for flavour ideas.