New Huel User - Flavour?

Hi All,

I got my first batch of Huel today - Vanilla and Coffee. I did notice that when I had the vanilla, I felt it to be very sickly sweet that did give me a retch in the stomach!

I was wondering if anyone has good suggestions to get rid of the excessive sweetness, mask it or to complement it? Would mixing it with Coffee be a good idea too?


Yeah mix with coffee…or if you persevere with it and want to buy more, buy a bag of unflavoured and mix with the vanilla to tone down the sweetness…quite a few of us do that.

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I did notice that actually and I am tempted to carry on and actually move to a subscription! I’m ready to take on a challenge but mixing it with UU would be a good shout


I’ve been experimenting with mixing Original and Unflavoured. About a quarter to a third of Original to Unflavoured works well for me.


I think UU would be worth a buy. For now, a handful of frozen berries and vanilla is doing just the trick!