First time trying Huel, how to prevent artificial sweetener taste

I just purchased a bag of vanilla and a bag of Berry for my first attempt at Huel.

I started off with vanilla and was surprised that I like the texture/consistency, but the artificial sweetener flavour is way too much. I was expecting an oaty taste and am quite disappointed. I then tried the Berry and while it was slighter better I can still taste the artifical sweetner.

I don’t partularly want to buy an unsweetened pack as I just bought these. Does anyone have any tips to get rid of the flavour please?

The only thing I can think of is masking. Put in coffee or cocoa, as they’re bitter they should reduce the sweetness. Not sure about berry - add in frozen berries, or something?

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I was literally just mixing up a batch of 1 and a half scoops vanilla with a banana and cocoa and my blender decided it had had enough!

I think it might be a sign that huel isn’t for me lol.

Bf said he’d buy my a new blender for Christmas so I’ll probably give it another go in the new year with the unsweetened flavour instead :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you refrigerated it overnight? The Huel, not the blender.


A lot of people struggle to get used to it at first, myself included. I stuck with it because I hate waste, and I can’t afford to throw out £40 worth of food. It only took a few shakes and I was converted. Can’t imagine life without it. Do you have a stick blender you could use (carefully!) until you get the new one?

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I tried some vanilla that’d been refrigerated overnight this morning and it tasted mostly the same, but a little thicker.

I’m going to give it a go for a few days (without blending) but I’ve always had issues with the taste of sweeteners so I’m not sure I can adjust! I usually end up throwing away any drinks which taste like sweetener as I find it so overpowering, the lucozade zero drinks are the first that come to mind.

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

Try it without blending … a couple of scoops in 300ml and shake
Add a drop or two of food flavouring to vary the taste …
you will be converted in no time :+1:

Two bags is a lot to get through before you buy Unsweetened/Unflavoured if you don’t like the artificial sweetness. What I did was buy a bag of U/U and mix it 50/50 with Vanilla. A lot of Huelers do that. If the sweet flavour still bothers you, try 66/33 or whatever suits you.


Hi Katie,

Welcome to Huel :wave:

I’m sorry to hear the taste isnt quite your cup of tea! As you can imagine, it’s hard to lauch a flavour the entire UK population will like.

there are a few things you could try here:

  • Add a pinch of salt

  • Cocoa was a great suggestion @Wendy_Shepherd :raised_hands:

  • bitter tasting fruits like grapefruit

  • You could also add a cool cup of black tea

I hope this helps, Let us know how you get on :sparkles:

Add a teaspoon of this:

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You like ‘mild’ sauces hunzas???

I have this one … but use VERY sparingly !!
A drop or two in a meal !!

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Wow. I do like those cheeky sauces…bangers a la bang as Polly said in Fawlty Towers.

Wait, you people actually use hot sauce?! I think you might have gone crazy.

I’m considering doing another order for unsweetened, but I’m not sure I want to sink another £40 and hate that too! I’ll keep an eye out for people selling individual bags maybe.

I’d be happy to send you 200 or 300g of UU huel through the post for free. The only problem with this of course is that you have to trust that the person sending it to you hasn’t added anything else in!

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That should ensure they won’t accept your offer.


If you are local I could drop off a portion or two ?
Surrey (near Kingston) or Waterloo station London ??

I don’t use chilli sauces for huel … just flavourings for coffee OR baking flavours !

[quote=“Wendy_Shepherd, post:14, topic:10619”]
I’d be happy to send you 200 or 300g of UU huel through the post for free. The only problem with this of course is that you have to trust that the person sending it to you hasn’t added anything else in! [/quote]

That would be awfully kind of you! I definitely couldn’t accept it for free though.

I’d be more than happy to send some money your way.
Unsure if you’ve tried Berry but I have some Berry flavour that I could send to you if you would trust me lol!

Everyone is so kind! But I live in Cambridge unfortunately. Thank you for the offer!

Yeah, I have some Berry too. Send me a private message with your addressay and I will send it to you.

Don’t go mixing AJAX powder in it again Wendy.