Could taste the artificial sweetener

Hi! I just tried the sample of vanilla Huel - it was ok but sadly I find the taste of sweetener really unpleasant! Perhaps you could consider sweetening huel with something like coconut sugar? Dates or even something like agave? even if it was just one of the flavors it would make the product much more appealing to me (I also know lots of other people who either hate the taste of sweeteners or actively avoid consuming them as there is a lot of controversy about their long-term effects, so it would open the market up to them!)

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I had exactly the same problem when I first tried Huel, too - the sweetener taste stayed with me for hours. I find making it a little thinner and leaving it in the fridge for a few hours helps enormously - or maybe I’ve just gotten used to it.
Huel do make an unflavoured/unsweetened version, though, that might be worth trying - then you can add whatever flavourings you like to it. I’m going to try some on my next order myself.

I thought about that and maybe adding in some cardamon and cinnamon with a coupe of dates thrown in! although the whole point is that it is easy to do and faff free!

I’d agree - although my plan is if I can find a flavouring system I like then I can make it up in bulk and just throw a portion in the blender when I make a drink. Should take just a few seconds extra, plus maybe 10 minutes a month or so to put it all together?
Granted it’s extra faff and, like you, I’m all about the convenience, but huel is still miles ahead of making up salads, sandwiches, etc.

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We’re continuing to expriement with alternative sweeteners. However, coconut sugar is a big no-no, because we’d need loads to sweeten it sufficiently and it would mean Huel would be massively high in sugars.


I don’t actually mind the taste of the vanilla huel.

I find the banana add in a bit sickly though.

I think I would like it if I was used to the taste of sweeteners but I tend to avoid them so it was a really prominent flavor for me.

yes, I can imagine it would make a difference to the sugar contents - I have taken to the unflavored huel and adding in a small handful of chopped dates and some spices - It adds some flavor but doesn’t make it too sweet which suits me perfectly

I find the taste a bity yucky with vanilla Huel if I make it and eat it straight away…and I assume it is the artificial sweetener.

For that reason I always make it the night before, stick it in the fridge and it tastes just right the next day…!

Such a delicious and tempting dish. Looks great. It is easy to prepare and serve. I love Vanilla sweetener. Thanks for sharing the great recipe.