Ideas for toning down the sweetness?!

I just made up my first Huel and the texture to me is no problem, I quite like it. I seem to be really sensitive to artificial sweeteners though and to me that’s all I can taste, kind of chemically. Is any one else like this and did you get used to it? I’ll probably go for the unsweetened one next time but for now I’ve got two bags of vanilla to use! Is there anything anyone found to tone down the sweetness? I got some of the flavour samples but I’m guessing they will make it worse? I added coffee but it’s still super sweet. Help! I’m determined to stick with this!

Coca powder?

I can’t help you with the vanilla, I only ever buy the unsweetened, unflavored.

I like a little sweetness, so I go with 1/2 t of one of the flavorings and between 1/16 and 1/8 t of stevia in my Huel, and it works quite nicely for me.

I don’t like Splenda, which I believe is what they use for the Vanilla, so I don’t buy that version.

I wish I’d known (I should have trusted my instinct that it would be too sweet for me but my friend told me the unsweetened one was yuck.)

I’ll try plain cocoa powder that’s a good idea.

I second the cocoa powder (no added sugar of course), it helps with the sweetness - my favourite, that Ive tried so far, is coffee Huel, cocoa, cinnamon and a little nutmeg

We’ve tried adding lemon juice, but that wasn’t a success - blending the Huel with some frozen raspberries or cranberries could help a lot too I imagine

Thanks so much I will try those (not the lemon juice - that did cross my mind so thanks!)
I’ll try and get some tart fruits to add in tomorrow!

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I would try the flavour packets, specifically the cacao flavour (if you bought the sample pack), I also feel the standard vanilla is too sweet, but most of the flavour packets have helped, and now I use light (low calorie, fat and sugar) hot chocolate powder until I get my new flavours.

So I just made up my Huel for today, I added a bit more water this time and the cacao flavour boost… MUCH better. I can still taste super strength sweetener but the chocolatey taste kind of distracts from it. I was dreading tasting it but I was pleasantly surprised and now I’m looking forward to drinking it later! Thanks everyone!

Buy unsweetened and mix it with the vanilla Huel? That should reduce the sweetness by a lot!


That’s what I’m planning to do (or just go full on u/u) I just want to use up the vanilla first! Today’s serving is not too bad so maybe I’ll get used to it!

Yeah perhaps! Ahh, what I meant was since you’re planning on buying u/u anyway and have to use up Vanilla, why not just buy U/U and experiment with the ratios? :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, good idea! Might just do that!

When I first tasted the vanilla I knew there was no way I was going to get through two bags of it as it was. I found adding raw cacao powder helped make it more palatable, but I also ordered two bags of unflavoured unsweetened Huel and now I mix them half and half. It tones down the yucky “sweetness” of the vanilla and I find myself rather looking forward to my Huel now. When the vanilla is finished, though, I won’t be buying any more of it.

I’d echo what others have said - my first experience of vanilla was the same as you - I really tasted the sweetener taste and I thought I could never get used to it, but after some trial and error I’ve found my perfect blend…

1 scoop vanilla, 1 scoop U/U, 1 teaspoon raw cocao, 100 ml Alpro coconut (milk substitute) 300ml water, left overnight and drunk the next day - I actually really like the taste now! The little bit of milk substitute makes it taste more creamy/smooth.

You probably noticed I use a lot more fluid in mine that the recommended 500ml to 3 scoops, I find this works better for me. But if I do want something thicker, I add 100ml Almond milk (unsweetened), which has this bizarre effect of thickening the shake, even if I add 100ml of almond milk on top of my usual shake proportions! In fact, one time I tried making a 2 scoop shake with 500ml of almond milk and by the next day it was too thick to drink?!

Personally I can’t stomach the U/U on its own, it reminds me of Dickensian gruel :expressionless: That being said, I find adding 500ml of hot water, 2 scoops of U/U and a teaspoon of MSG free stock powder makes a pretty nice ‘soup’ (better than a Cup a Soup at least!).

More water?

I found the same thing with the new vanilla. Original is my favourite (much stronger oaty taste, and less sweetener taste).

I use Highlights hot chocolate powder mixed with it, or add a flavour boost. Also always chill it for 3 or so hours else you’ll get more bitterness in the taste

Hi, I blend original with UU 50/50 and add a little matcha for cooking powder - tastes very good.

Or if you like coffee just add an espresso or coffee powder. Also works pretty well…

I use matcha powder do dampen the sweetness of the vanilla, but I use U/U most of the time. I only use vanilla if I have any sweet cravings, maybe once or twice a week.

I personally don’t like the Huel matcha, but just a tip take a bitter or sour flavors that you like and make little 20g huel portions with 100-150ml of water. Then just give different tastes a go and you’ll find one that works for you.

Using the vanilla as a pancake base works aswell as you don’t need to add sugar afterwards.