Disappointed with the taste and after taste of the sweetner in vanilla Huel

I’ve had my first delivery and taste of Huel. I bought two packets for £45. I really regret that I didn’t try the sample size or buy the flavourless Huel. I hate the taste of artificial sweeteners. Diet Coke is unpalatable to me for example. And I’ve completely gone off Lilt and Dr Pepper since they started adding sweetners.

Vanilla Huel leaves a horrible sweet aftertaste. Can anybody advise on how to get rid of this after taste? Or even reassure me that the sweet taste is natural (I know it’s advertised as natural) and not like a soft drink sweetener.

Sucralose is used as a sweetener. It is artificial but much less harmful than aspartame used in soft drinks…I know what you mean by that…the aftertaste is horrid, and on the rare occasions I have drunk them, I feel thirsty afterwards.

Saccharine is also gross.

Stevia is a good alternative, but I find that a bit bitter too.


I know what you mean about the thirsty effect after drinking them. Manufacturers must be well away of that phenomenon and must use it to get people to drink more of their product.

I’m thinking a way to get me through these two packets would be to drink water after the vanilla Huel. Or maybe I’ll get used to the flavour/artificial sweetness.

Just wish I’d bought the flavourless variety. Was too enthusiastic and eager to buy the product and I think it kind of defaulted to the vanilla flavoured one so just went with it.

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I think most people start with vanilla. I actually prefer a 50/50 blend of vanilla and unflavoured.

Try refrigerating it overnight if you have access to a fridge and don’t need to make it and drink it straight away. This definitely helps with the taste (and in my opinion the texture too).

Okay, will try refrigerating overnight. I got my delivery, rushed to the kitchen to make it up and drank it straight away. Can see how the powder would absorb the water and improve in texture.

Thanks for the advice. Will give you my verdict tomorrow. :smiley:

Maybe if I still don’t like it I’ll try mixing it 50/50. Just seems like a good product so would be a shame to reject it because of this sweetener issue.

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One last thing…what ratio of Huel to water are you using? Is it really thick or not? I think that can affect the taste…but of course the texture is also important as to how pleasurable it is to consume. It took me a while to get to a perfect balance.

Ah, yes, I’ll bear that in mind, and try out different ratios.

I used two scoops to about 350ml of water this morning.


I think most people experiment a bit to get their ideal Huel meal…I know I did, and I still mix it up with other flavours as well. Good luck with it.

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I always put around 5 ice cubes in, 400-500ml water and then top up with almond milk. 3 scoops and use a hand blender - it is a lot less sweet and very tasty. They recommend colder the better and that is not an understatement!

I cant stand the sweet after taste of the vanilla flavour - it seems to last for an hour or more. I am much happier with unflavoured & unsweetened Huel but adding some Huel flavouring to taste. I have tried and liked banana and chocolate flavours so far but didnt like Mocha flavour.

Hi I’ve done exactly the same thing! Bought two packets of vanilla and can’t stand the taste of artificial sweetener. I’m going to try adding less scoops and maybe mix with frozen raspberries or something other sharp fruit just to try and cut the sweet flavour - at least a little. If anyone wants a free bag of vanilla flavour Huel - unopened - let me know!


I really don’t mind it, it was sweeter when I first ordered Huel, back in 1.2 days, it took me a while to get used to the less sweet versions, but I’m finally enjoying it again… So no idea what you’d want instead?

Trying adding someone coconut oil and peanut powder then huel coffee flavouring
Mix in a nutri bullet with one banana use coconut water for you base.

Flokit: sorry to hear about your first experience. I’ve just had my first Huel this morning. I chose the unflavoured and unsweetened version. I chose this because I did worry that flavourings do often spoil! The unflavoured and unsweetened is not exactly a gourmet experience but it is taste neutral, and no after taste.

I had the same experience on day 1, I hate the overly sweetened version of the vanilla!

But the unsweetened is too plain. I know it sounds crazy, but i make a blend of 1.5 scoops vanilla and 1.5 scoops plain with a little of the Matcha flavour boost (I don’t like the other flavour boosts) and this makes a pleasant drink.

Of course I sometimes experiment with fruit smoothies, peanut butter, coffee, almond milk, frozen spinach and so on …

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For me it was perseverance. I loathed the taste to begin with and held my nose when drinking it, but as the health benefits were the reason I went for huel and not the taste, I grinned and bore it. I got used to and then began to love the taste. A marked difference from my first while on huel and I’m not preparing it any differently.

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Matcha is one of the best! Banana too for me :drooling_face:

I bought two packages of vanilla flavour and I had to throw it away and go back to Queal. I just could not stand the taste. I tried mixing it with other stuff but I doesnt’ work for me. I was attracted by the good reviews and the more “natural” approach of Huel’s but its taste is def a no-go.

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The new vanilla is a bit on the sweet side for me but that’s what’s great about the “Original” vanilla flavour still being available. If you’re serious about getting optimal nutrition see if you can shift those bags you’ve got and get your hands on the Original flavour instead (or try the unflavoured and unsweetened and flavour it yourself)

Hi - sorry you didn’t like Huel. Did you buy Original vanilla or New Vanilla?