Chemical after taste

A colleague of mine gave me a portion of vanilla huel to try, I loved it so much I bought two bags (1 of vanilla and one of sweet berry). I love berries and I love huel but berry flavoured huel is not nice, it leaves a really strong chemical after taste, even my teenage daughter took one mouthful and put it down the sink. Before I open my bag of vanilla I’ll need to check with my colleague if it was definitely the vanilla or unsweetened huel that she gave me, otherwise there will be a lot of money going down the drain :frowning:
I’ve read the info on sucralose on your website, but only after making my purchase, if I’d have known huel used artificial sweeteners I would have avoided the flavoured versions completely.

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For what it’s worth, I didn’t like the taste when I first tried it (didn’t like the Berry either, though some love it). I settled on buying 1 bag of Original (Vanilla) and one bag of Unsweetened and I mix them 50/50 to tone down the sweetness. I’m leaning towards 33/66 now, as it still tastes sweet enough and takes a flavour well. I prefer the Original to the “New Improved” Vanilla.

Don’t give up on it though, I’m still Huelling almost a year later and loving it!


Yeah the berry isn’t good at all in my opinion…

All sweetened flavours improve massively if refrigerated for a few hours however, so I would highly recommend doing that.
When mixing then drinking straight away, the sweetener taste is very overwhelming!
Letting it stand and cool for a few hours tones down the sweetness and makes it very pleasant.

Also experiment with water quantity - personally I like it very watery as it’s a more subtle flavour, but lots of people prefer it thick and like a milkshake. If I want it thicker but without too strong a taste, I add 50/50 plant milk and water :slight_smile:


My experience with berry is a little different. I bought a bag as soon as it came out and I liked it a lot. However, after some time, I don’t know how, it begin to lose taste (I don’t think it was badly kept or not properly closed).

In any case, I did a couple of tests with flavourings like Flavdrops with a similar taste (raspberries or strawberries) and definitely are way better.

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If you liked the Vanilla Huel then your dislike of Berry Huel has nothing to do with sweeteners as Vanilla Huel uses sweeteners too. But obviously do check, but if I’m honest I would be surprised if you tried the Unflavoured and immediately thought yum! It’s pretty earthy and an acquired taste, but some do like it and many of them are here on the forum!

Some great tips here about chilling and mixing with Unflavoured. For what it’s worth Berry is either our 2nd or 3rd most popular flavour, so many love it, I’m just sorry you don’t.

The worst chemical taste has got to be the Strawberry FS. I mean…I imagine its where bad strawberries go when they die and dont get into strawberry heaven or the threat mummy strawberries give to baby strawberries to make them be good. ‘Share your toys with your brother and sister strawberries or I’ll send you to Huel to be made into Strawberry FS!’


My portion of vanilla huel (possibly unsweetened) was prepared with Full Fat Lactose Free milk, perhaps that effects the sweetener taste

I’ve returned my sweetened Huel and hopefully will get a replacement with Unsweetened! My thinking is that even if it is too earthy I can add natural sweet things to it, like bananas, berries or peanut butter. Brought up to not drink artificially sweetened drinks or snacks as a child, perhaps I’m just overly sensitive to artificial sweeteners.

Haha @JayDog. Strawberry fs is my least favourite too. I’m having a struggle to use it up.

I’m not sure what happened to the Strawberry FS. The first version of this was fine. Version 2 was pulled and version 3 doesn’t seem to be popular either :thinking:

I can’t drink either if the vanillas because of the aftertaste but I have found that the flavour boosts are lovely in the unsweetened - I think they use a different sweetener?!

There’s Stevia in the flavour boosts, Sucralose in Huel.

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That would make sense then :+1:

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I hated the taste of huel and water. I now use 100ml almond milk 200ml skimmed milk, some fruit like a banana , strawberries and blend all together. The taste is great , I feel motivated to keep going and hey presto stopped eating rubbish.