V2.3 vanilla(new) with chocolate flavour boost - bad aftertaste

So my Huel just arrived. I went ahead and mixed it as recommended
3 scoops v2.4 vanilla(new)
570 ml water
Half teaspoon chocolate flavour boost

Blended and left overnight, as I have found recommended in the forums.

I do like the initial taste, a bit like a chocolate milkshake, but there is this chemical aftertaste. It reminds me of Coca Cola Zero aftertaste that I do not like either.

Any tips?

Some people are a lot more sensitive to the taste of certain sweeteners, some will say they notice no difference to sugar, others will tell you about a terrible chemical aftertaste. So some people might not notice this same thing, however I have found that some of the flavour boosts maybe aren’t strong enough in flavour, so you need more to up the flavour, which is then adding the sweetener flavour to the already sweetened Huel.

I have been working through some unsweetened Huel and some original vanilla. With unsweetened I couldn’t get the chocolate very strong. With the original even a litttle of the chocolate boost seemed to over sweeten it.

I have however also tried no-sugar chocolate crusha milkshake mix, and it worked just fine!

This taste is possibly the sweetner sucralose. Some people use a split of vanilla and unflavoured/unsweetened to reduce the sweetness.

BTW - There is no Huel 2.4. The current version is 2.3 so I have changed your thread title to suit but you will need to change your post.

V2.3 sorry

Had you used Huel 2.2 before you tried 2.3?

My most recent batches have had an unpleasant, chemical, burnt aftertaste which has really put me off. I can still taste it with the chocolate flavour in. I returned one batch, but the next tastes just the same. I’m hoping to get to the bottom of this because I’ve come to rely on Huel for many of my meals.

Both my bags are vanilla, I’ve not tried the plain one. I had lots of bags of vanilla 2.2 with no problems.

See that topic for this problem. It started occurring mid of may…we also hope that it’s going to be fixed soon, since we haven’t heard of any reason for that strange taste yet…

You’re mixing vanilla with chocolate! That’s the aftertaste. :slight_smile:
When you mix the unflavoured it’s fine. I had the same experience.

Chocolate + Vanilla is fine
White Chocolate contains vanilla for example

Although Original + Chocolate is waaaaay better imo! (I feel like New Vanilla is basically toffee and toffee+chocolate is a no go for me haha)