New improved formula / taste

I’m really sad to say that I’ve decided to cancel my subscription of Huel today. I absolutely loved the original vanilla Huel. Friends have signed up and are now using it however since the new improved version I can’t get round the change in taste.
I can’t decide what exactly it is but there’s an after taste and it doesn’t matter what fruit I use I can still taste it.
If anyone has experienced this or has a way of masking the taste I’d be grateful to hear from you.
My only way to describe it is its like a metallic artifical sugar taste and of course I know there’s nothing like that in this product…:frowning:

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That’ll be the artificial sweetener I imagine, it can take a bit of getting used to. I personally tried the UU version of Huel after concerns about artificial sweeteners, but just couldn’t stomach it - having switched back I seem to have developed a taste for it now so it’s all good for me, plus any concerns about the artificial sweetener used have largely been addressed by Huel as the one they use isn’t subject to all the usual health concerns normally associated with products such as Aspartame.

I know other Huelers mix Vanilla with UU 50/50 which may help with the issue for you? Failing that a spoon of really good Coffee makes it absolutely delicious and changes the flavour balance dramatically.


Also, see this relevant thread: Disappointed with the taste and after taste of the sweetner in vanilla Huel

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I know what you mean about the after taste. It’s horrible and lingers for ages after! I really regret buying the vanilla flavoured Huel. I think you can return it for a refund or exchange but it’s a massive hassle sorting that out.

I think that some of the reviews I have read regarding the flavour are about the old flavour you describe. Do you know when the product changed?

I feel about wary of the artificial sweeteners. Really annoyed with myself for buying the product that contained them.

I have read a number of times about coffee and can’t believe it will be effective but will try it.

Thank you I’ll try the coffee idea. I also bought a sample pack of the unflavoured so I’ll give that a go too.