New to Huel - so disappointed, absolutely disgusting taste

Just tried Huel for the first time and I was horrified to discover that the single most dominant flavour is of artficial sweetner.

There is absolutely no way I can drink this stuff. It has so much sweetner in it that the taste lingers even after brushing your teeth.

I’m surprised to find something that claims to be nutritious would add artificial sweetners.

Any advice?

Yes. Try the unflavoured and unsweetened version of the product.


did youy the New and improved version? i found it over powering and artificial tasting the oringal is 100% better

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I’m very reluctant to spend another £45 on something I don’t know what it tastes like.

Can I get an full refund on the horrible stuff I have? Even the opened pack?

Sure, just like I get a refund on everything I buy from the supermarket that I don’t like the taste of… :confused:


For what its worth i’d do this -

Return the unopened bag, get 1 U/U and 1Original.
Get instant coffee granules & cacao powder from you supermarket.
Read the various flavouring posts on here for other ideas

You’ll almost certainly be able to find a palatable mix of the 3 versions you’ll now have -that way.

I agree with you you that the new & improved is the version I like least - i’ve tried it twice now and won’t buy it again.

I mix it 50:50 with U/U and coffee if having for breakfast and if later in day, just have the 50:50 mix or add a large heaped teaspoon of cacao.

Last point - I think that you do have to be open to the idea of powdered food though - if there’s more to your disappointment than just the taste then it may be that Huel simply isn’t for you.

Yeah, maybe try mixing the U/U with the Vanilla to find the right blend.

Personally, I love the Vanilla but I did try the flavour packs the other day and the chocolate one does affect the taste of the vanilla quite a bit - in a good way!

You do have options.

I use a mixer and a handfull of frozen fruits (there a varieties of frozen fruit available in any supermarket; unmixes e.g. strawberries or mixes like “Tropical fruits”). Extra vitamins and I like the taste, both with the Vanilla und the original Huel.

Hey there, sorry to hear that you aren’t a fan of the taste of your Huel. We display our ingredients list on our website’s nutrition page, so I’m sorry you didn’t catch that our vanilla varieties contain artificial sweeteners. It sounds like our Unflavoured Huel is best for you. You can return any unopened bags you have in return for an exchange/refund, providing your order was placed within the last 30 days.

Our returns/refund policy and instructions can be found here:

We are constantly working on the taste to make it more appealing to more people but the fact is that everyone’s taste buds are different.

There are plenty of things you can do though to make the taste more to your liking, so panic not! Head to this page where we describe some awesome ways to flavour your Huel!

Artificial sweeteners don’t add or detract anything in terms of nutrition. Just taste, and taste is very much subjective. Haven’t tried New and Improved myself but Huel Original tastes just fine to me.