Suggestions to completely alter the taste

At the moment of writing this I am having a staring contest with my Huel shaker. Today is the first time I tried Huel. I’ve bought a starter box with two bags of new vanilla. As it turns out I am one of the unfortunate that really dislikes the taste of Huel. I started with three scoops and 400ml water. I shaked for about 5 minutes total but the lumps would not go away. Finally I decided to blend it, which made it a little better. However, even the smell of it makes me dry heave. :frowning: I usually love sweet stuff, but the more water I added the better the taste got in my opinion.

I am now worried how I am going to finish my two bags of Huel. Does anyone have a good suggestion that completely alters the taste of Huel? I need something that masks the oaty/floury taste. Any suggestion is appreciated!

Buy the mint choc chip flavour packet. or blend in some forest fruits, that are tart so will make it more like a smoothie.

You could also try the unsweetened/unflavoured one.


If you dont like your Huel … I know someone who likes it and would help you consume your starter pack :+1:

Not sure what to say to make the texture any better … there are flavour packs, you can blend in fruits OR you can add flavouring syrups, but generally it’s very much like a protein shake …

Keep it up … the gains are worth persevering with, for a few moments of not liking the taste !!

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I’m sorry, but “a few moments of not liking the taste” is a grave understatement. I literally cannot take more than three sips at a time or I will definitely vomit. I have to take a ten minute break between every sip in order for the awful taste to get out of my mouth.

Do you have anything in the house you can add to it? Like Cinnamon/chocolate powder/coffee/frozen fruit?

I’ve got a can of peaches, but I doubt that those will completely mask the flavour.


It’s worth blending then in and giving it a go :slight_smile:

Tastes better when left in the fridge for several hours. You could try adding some nut butter and dairy free chocolate spread. Or some cacao powder. Or some coffee. Or some fruits.

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It appears Huel is not for you. You can return unopened bags, no? And give the opened one to someone who might like it better.

I mean, Huel is supposed to make your life better. For you, that seems unlikely.

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I understand. I didn’t know it was possible to get a refund on unopened bags. Where can I learn more about this?

Tough gig. Why not cook with it instead of forcing it down in shake form? I gather it can be used as a kind of super-flour.

Oh and, for the record, there is nothing in this world that can’t be made tasty by adding soy sauce, Maggie’s seasoning and sesame oil. Fact.

I haven’t yet tried it, admittedly, but given the irrefutable nature of this statement it must be true.

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Surely 400ml isn’t enough water for 3 scoops.

I would agree … I use 2 scoops for my 400ml
It would suggest it’s a bit thick at 3 scoops …

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Yes, I did add a lot of water after (at least another 400ml), but it did not make the taste better.

This kinda goes agains my principle for using Huel. I am using Huel because I hate cooking and I usually get something unhealthy out of laziness. That’s why Huel would have been a great easy and healthy alternative… If I could bare the taste.

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It was more a suggestion for how you could use up your non-refundable open bag.

“I can’t take more than three sips at a time or I will definitely vomit” is pretty darn conclusive!

I agree the taste is hard to like. I have tried other protein drinks/meal replacement and not had this problem but they are not as nutritionally compliant as Huel.

I have found I can change the flavour with a double espresso in my morning drink and in the afternoon I have followed the spiced pumpkin recipe on instagram which just needs a few spices added. I have also in my car (work on the road a lot) got a low sugar hot chocolate mix that just one spoonful makes it much better. image

I have just the thing:

You won’t worry about the taste any longer…and chilli helps burn fat.