Ideas for tasting better

New to Huel, thought I’d check out the Black Edition (chocolate). Just tried it for the first time this morning and couldn’t drink it all, taste wasn’t great at all.
Any tips on what to do to make this stuff go down easier :man_shrugging:t4:

If it’s a texture thing then you can refrigerate it, blend it, experiment with different liquid volumes, try ice, etc.

If it a flavour thing there’s lots of things you can do!

You can try using a different liquid; ie different nut milks/fruit juice/coffee/teas/flavoured waters/coconut water/etc.

You can blend in frozen fruit like bananas or berries.

You can add any of these: cinnamon, instant coffee, powdered peanut butter, pie spice blends, flavoured syrups for coffee, flavour essences or extracts, etc.

You could always purchase some of Huel’s own flavour boosters too. I’d personally recommend banana or salted caramel to go with chocolate, but you can get the sample packet to try them out.

I’m sure there may be some other ideas I’ve forgotten that someone else can add…in any case, good luck!

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I really liked it!

I found it even better with additional cacao powder added (or regular cocoa powder if you prefer a less bitter taste) and a little plant milk (replace about 200ml of water with Oatly barista is my favourite as it makes it creamier)
Alpro almond or coconut milk is also a good option especially if you want a smoother thicker shake as the extra gums change the texture quite a lot.

Or for a really awesome Nutella taste add alpro hazelnut milk and cocoa powder :yum::drooling_face::grin: