Huel Black taste

Hi everyone,

I have just jumped on the Huel bandwagon and order the Huel black in chocolate and vanilla. I have only so far tried to the chocolate but (not to put in too many details) it made me physically sick from the taste. I’m too scared to open the vanilla one to try it I won’t be able to send it back if I don’t like that one either!

Has anyone else had this experience? And if you did what did you do? Just persevere? Add something else to make it taste better? Any advice would be great.

Thanks in advance :blush:

How did you make it?
(Quantity of huel, water, method etc)

You may need to adjust the amount of water or let it sit in the fridge for a few hours (this changes the taste quite a lot)
Adding milk or plant milk can change the taste and the texture, and you could try adding cocoa powder or coffee powder.

What was it specifically you didn’t like?
There are lots of ways to modify - I’m sure you’ll get plenty suggestions.

If I were you I’d try different ‘recipes’ / mixes with the chocolate before opening the vanilla.

If you really don’t get on with it, it’s worth trying the regular ‘white’ huel and the RTD - all three taste completely different.

What area are you in? Someone local may be able to help you out with some samples to try

Don’t give up yet!

Thank you for your reply.

I followed the instructions on the back of the bag - 510ml of water and two scoops of powder.

I’ll try that, making it and then leaving it in the fridge and possibly adding some coco powder.

I think I was expecting it to taste sweeter than it did and after smelling it I was sure it wasn’t going to. I was very surprised by the taste and I don’t think that helped at all. I can also still taste it which isn’t very nice.

I really want this to work as I feel it will help me with my weight loss as had success with meal replacement shakes before and I’m not willing to give up just yet.

Hi Ella. I use 100g powder (any of the Huel powders) to 400ml water. The way you have mixed it would be far too watery for me. As Christina has said, let it stand for a while. Makes a nice mocha with a spoonful of instant coffee powder. Hope you grow to like it as much as we do :+1:

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Thank you! I’ll try less water and powder too. I’m a complete newbie to Huel so this sort of advice is really helpful thank you.


Another one bites the dust!

People suggesting adding in extra ingredients or leaving it to settle for hours on end seems completely counter intuitive to what Huel is designed for in my opinion.

Just add water give it a shake and it should be ready to go, exactly as the instructions on the bag state.

This has worked perfectly fine for me with the “original” flavour for the last few years, only ever with the flavoured varieties have I ran into issues.


What do you mean by another one bites the dust? Feel like you’ve missed the point of my post. I did follow the instructions but it’s the taste I’m not getting along with. I have the black huel which only comes in two flavours and don’t really want to fork out another £50 for another flavour or different one. As stated before I am new to this so was after some friendly advice.


No I agree with you completely.

If you look at my other threads you’ll see I recently started trialling Black Edition and find the taste to be pretty vile, the same as every other flavoured Huel I’ve ever tried.

My point was that if you follow the instructions provided there should be no problems, but as yourself myself and others are reporting on the awful taste it shows this is not always the case.

I wonder how many people defending the taste are drinking straight powder and water?

A glance at the forums indicates there are a huge amount of people adding extra ingredients/mixing with milk, leaving in the fridge etc. These are fine as optional extras, but it should not be required to mask the taste or make it palatable in my opinion. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Oh I see. Yes I agree. If the majority of people are having to add to it then surely there’s an issue? I really want this to work for me as it’s such a good product but I’m now at a bit of a loss as to what to do. I tried adding coco powder to it for today but that didn’t help much as it still had that plastic after taste.

Have you tried the black vanilla? Is that better than the chocolate or not really?

Everyone’s tastes are different that’s why Huel produce a variety of products. There are a range of different premixes and flavour boosts for us to try. Up to us to experiment and see what suits us best.


by majority I take it you mean a few (very) vocal people

Bee has hit the nail on the head - everyone is different - personally I’ve never found any Huel product difficult to take and for me, Black Edition is easily the most pleasant tasting one with or without any additional flavouring.

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I disagree - we are simply suggesting ways that might improve the taste for those who don’t like it.

The only thing I add to my huel is cacao powder. But I add that to everything

Personally I love the following flavours as they are with just water and nothing else added:
Black Edition Chocolate

I do also like some of the boosts and other premixes for variety.
The only two I dislike and can’t drink are Berry and New Vanilla.

I like Original but have to mix it half half with UU to reduce the sweetness, and add flavour boosts to it. It’s the best one for adding boosts to in my opinion.

I like them all refrigerated personally but it’s not essential at all.
UU I actually prefer straight from mixing.

Not trying to start arguments as I have said several times I am new to this. Just asking for advice. I agree people have different tastes which is why I wondered what people who don’t like the flavours do.

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I disliked the berry premix flavour so I stopped using it. I then disliked the coffee so I added milk instead of water. I am perfeclty satisfied with the other powders. I use also Huel granola and have used the RTD’s. Is that an option you can explore?

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@ekm I’m fairly sure you’ll find a flavour you will like. I’m thinking you may prefer the regular powders - try choosing one without stevia.
Some people have taste buds that find stevia bitter and unpalatable. You may have those kinda taste buds! I’m the opposite and love stevia but hate sucralose.
It’s just a matter of trying a few until you find the one you like.
Adding ingredients works well to use up any that you don’t really like!

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Does the cacao powder make your Huel taste more bitter? I tried some 100% cacao yesterday and it was a bit difficult for me to enjoy! Seems a lot like it in Huel though, what does it do for the flavour?

Cacao does make it more bitter. And less sweet. My taste buds love that. I also like the mild caffeine kick and the health benefits of raw cacao

Other than the official update threads, the “What’s everyone using to flavour their huel?” topic is by far one of the most popular threads in recent times.

Either way we’re all different, personally I find if I leave Huel in the fridge it tastes worse, and if it’s left out unrefrigerated for any longer than about 20 minutes even more so! Seems to really bring out an awful chemical like taste, as if it’s going off rapidly.

I feel however there is a massive distinction between someone saying “the flavour just isn’t quite to my liking” to it making someone physically sick as @Ekm has described here, or me being perplexed at how the product could have ever made it past the taste-testing phase due to the abhorrent taste.

I do wonder if it’s a case of difference between batches, just look at the “seaweed” thread for example…

I don’t add anything I have straight powder and water. I buy the flavours I like not buy the ones I don’t like and add stuff. Like @Bee says everyone’s tastes are different some liked V2.3 berry I didn’t like it at all and some didn’t like Chocolate but it was my favourite. I hate Tomatoes they make me want to puke but some people love them as I love sprouts some ( maybe most people lol ) hate them. Some flavours like Mint chocolate v2.3 I wasn’t so keen on at first but after a few days it grew on me to be one of my favourites infact I didn’t like the new V3 mint chocolate but I got to like it a bit more now. I can’t say I love the taste of Huel but I have it for the nutrition, cost, convenience and it has helped me to lose weight. Huel will not be for some people if I hated Huel after trying all flavours and given them a few days to try I would simply try another meal replacement brand.