First Huel Experience, Taste?

Hi all!

My first order of vanilla arrived today, excited to open and have a little look! (the bags were so much bigger than i expected)

Thought i would try and ease in and finish my evening with a 2 scoop mix before i dedicate myself come the morning. Mixed really well in the shaker with water, a little course but i was expecting that, i am however struggling with the taste. I’ve had a few of the whey protein shakes and things like that before and really get on with the taste of those well, yet the huel is leaving me a bit deflated. Is it worth getting the flavour shots or mixing with milk instead maybe?

Loving the whole idea and it will definitely work for me as i regularly miss breakfast, just got to get over the flavour.

Cheers guys!

I’ve tried loads of (vegan) protein powders in the past…and not one of them compares in taste or texture to Vanilla Huel (I have not tried unflavoured).

I always use a blender…have never mixed it in a shaker, and it does taste better if mixed the night before. I find the artificial sweetener taste a bit too much if I prepare and drink it straight away…next day and it is great. Tastes different at room temperature than chilled too. I use a 50/50 split of water and unsweetened almond milk for a creamier texture, but it is fine with just water. I just prefer the former.

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hey hunzas!

sounds like thats worth a try, ill mix a batch up tonight and take it with me in the morning and see how that goes. Looking forward to getting it just how i like it, once i have i think ill be hooked!

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How was it?

It’s got a pretty horrible sweetener aftertaste but otherwise fine. If you are used to diet drinks I doubt you will notice, but I certainly do. Hasn’t put me off so far though…

still a little unsure but definitely alot better, going to make another up tonight and blend some bananna or some frozen fruit mix in there too :ok_hand:

that’s what i’m thinking, don’t mind the oats just not really getting the vanilla come through, definitely sticking with it though!

To me, Huel tastes somewhat different (nicer) if made the night before and left in the fridge compared to drinking it immediately.

i don’t like it cold and always have it warm. I boil the kettle but then add the last glug of water as cold so it’s a little bit cooler than a cup of tea. Add the Huel and then blend.

I seem to be in the minority tho - most people prefer it cold. Worth giving it a go tho as it’s much nicer in my opinion!

Interestingly, I quite like the gritty texture you get if it’s freshly mixed, and if it’s in the fridge overnight, it’s smoother and thicker, which I don’t like as much!

Such an individual thing!

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I really struggled with the taste the first time. However blended with less water and two bananas was awesome! JP

I might try this next.

I’m on the gluten free version. Just added Huel as a snack to begin with.

So far so good. It’s awesome.

that’s what i’m doing now, i’m also using 50/50 milk and water and adding honey and a large handful of summer fruits. i left it over night and went to have it this morning and it was almost sold it was so thick!

definitely think its a personal thing, i really struggled with the taste, didn’t mind the grittiness, just got to experiment with it and find your niche

Just tried 300ml water with two scoops of vanilla Huel and 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder and a banana. This is really good :blush:

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Had my 1st Huel dinner last night.
Was ok - quite floury but good hint of vanilla flavour, wasn’t unpleasant and left me feeling sated.
Certainly by no means the worst concoction I’ve conjured up for myself LoL!

My first taste was last week and it was a bit of a disappointment. It was too watery and tasted a bit sawdustish.

However, now I’ve reduced the water/Huel ratio to 4.5:1, it is far more palatable. It is even better if you refrigerate it after you’ve mixed it for a while.

To be honest, it wouldn’t have made a difference how bad Huel tasted, I would still choose to consume it because it gives me what I need in the easiest form. It also heightens my appreciation of more usual food, which is no bad thing.