New to Huel and struggling ( taste )

Ive just bought a weeks supple of the vanilla huel and a bag of chocolate flavouring
I’ve mixed up couple of batches but am struggling with the taste
Its not because its too sweet its more the flour smell and taste
I’ve spent some time on here looking for answers
I really want to use Huel and am desperate to get back in shape and was hoping Huel would help
any advise would be much appreciated

There are loads of suggestions for flavoring in this thread, however, the only think that goes any-way to masking the taste is coffee. Some people prefer the texture after it’s been left in the fridge overnight.

Your best bet really is just to eat it till you are used to it. I found it odd at first, but now it tastes good to me. It’s natural to not like a strange new flavor, that’s an inbuilt reaction to reduce the chance you will poison yourself, but it fades away as you taste it for an extended period of time without ill effects.

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I’ve read a quite a few already and tried some. Will definitely check those too. I had a feeling someone would suggest coffee its the one thing in life i can’t stand unfortunately. But I’ve seen this seems to be everyone favourite!! Was thinking of ordering some flavdrops which a few people have suggested to others

Yea I’ve never done the whole protein shake so its not the norm for me. But I’m going to try it with milk and some strawberry milk shake powder. I know this adds to the sugar level etc but i figured if i make it more bearable to get used to liquid diet i can cut down the milk and milkshake powder to finally just doing a plain shake without it seeming odd

thanks for help

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I have tried the mocha flavdrops, which where really good (but then I like coffee), and I have tried the toffee flavdrops, which I found too sweet (but then you like the vanilla, which I also find too sweet). I have also tried the peanut butter flavdrops which are controversial but I would definitely recommend!

Thank you for getting in touch, welcome to the Forum! Sorry you aren’t getting along too well with Huel. As a first time customer of any powdered foods I can imagine the taste is a little odd. As @Quidditch says, refrigeration is great, if you don’t have time for that then add ice cubes and shake with the powder.

Even more ideas on this thread too - How do you flavour your Huel?

So only a few books worth of bedtime reading for you! If you need to know anything else then just ask!

Hi there, I struggled at first aswell, but now my favourite way to drink it is half Unflavoured, half vanilla blended with a bit of peanut butter and coconut oil (beware these will up the calories) then leave in the fridge overnight, its a lot nicer after a night of refrigeration.

Like others have said you and also add ice cubes and blend, or breathe out through your nose while you drink it as quick as you can (thats my old trick for drinking shots I didn’t think i could stomach haha)!

The easiest and nicest I’ve found is to add some frozen fruit and blend - it chills it down and makes it much more smoothie-like. Mango, cherries, blueberries, all quite reasonable in the frozen food section.