Any suggestions on flavourings?

I’m a bit stoic, so like the neutral flavour but I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

I think for way too long food has been optimised for flavour instead of function (health, easy of use, cost, etc). This results in over complicated, unhealthy and verging on addictive foods.

If you do any a bit of variety here are a few flavour suggestions:

  1. Instant coffee for speed, or brewed coffee if you got a bit more
  2. Syrups - like used at Starbucks, whole range here like Caramel, Mint, Strawberry, etc:
  3. Cocoa powder
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Honey
  6. Blend Huel with the fruit of your liking

But be aware that some of these will increase the calorie content, and anything with sugar can cause problems, which may result in over eating.

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I was thinking about fruit flavours. Would adding some freshly squeezed orange juice be an option, or maybe blending or juicing a mix of fruit to taste? The only problem with this I presume would be the additional sugars and calories that it would add to the drink.

Do you think that cordial would be an option?

I drink one of those sugar free extra concentrated cordials, that could be good McCloud. Comes in Orange, Blackcurrant and Summer Fruits.

Yes good idea to give cordials a try. Just be careful with sugar version, take into account the extra calories and reduce the amount of Huel to compensate, and you might cause a sugar rush and crash which can result in over eating.

Also be careful with sugar free version these can have certain downsides:

Thanks for the link. We seem to be in a no-win situation with a lot of foods these days. It’s articles like that that led me to Huel. A nice, simple way of getting everything I need without having to worry about how much of this, how much of that etc!

The list of possible flavourings above are mainly sweet, do you think savoury would be worth a try?

Yes I use coffee (without sugar or milk). I’ve heard some people adding chilli powder to other powdered food. Anything is worth a try, but best to try in small amount so you don’t waste too much.

When you say you use coffee, is this a specially produced flavouring you use, or can you just stick a bit of Nescafe in? :smiley:

Any instant coffee is fine. I’ve added instant coffee to my protein shakes for years. Sometimes decaf just for flavour and sometime normal to get a little boost before a hard training session. Just add them and shake, but they don’t all dissolve perfectly in cold water, but I can’t wait so just add and put up with a few lumps.

Stick a banana in there, maybe! Or some smooth peanut butter. I haven’t tried Huel yet, but I regularly make protein shakes with a big of peanut butter, oats (I grind jumbo oats up fine) and freshly ground coffee. Only thing with freshly ground coffee is that it needs a good hour or two to flavour the drink nicely. :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,
Any ideas about salty/savoury flavouring for Huel?
I find that the thing that bothers me most in a Soylent-like diet is that most or all alternatives are sweet. All kind of vanilla, banana, strawberry etc. I find myself craving salty snacks.
@Julian, kudos on releasing an unflavoured version for us to experiment with, at least we have the freedom to add whatever we want to it!
So far when searching for powder falovourings I only found sweet tastes.
At this point I’m considering stock cubes, soy sauce… or even Marmite? :smile:
Would like to know if anyone has found some professional non-sweet flavouring powder, but all ideas welcome.

Maybe blend some Pringles in? those seem to have lots of flavourings for their weight :wink:

Hi @Geby

I’ve tried these:

They also do these:

Not tried this yet - bacon -


And, so what? What is your verdict? :slight_smile:

I tried the vegetable stock pot before we had the unsweetened and unflavoured version, so the vanilla and sweetness was off putting, but not too bad. I need to try again with the unsweetened and unflavoured version.

I bought the unflavoured Huel as I also would not want sweet food all the time and want a variety of flavours and so far have tried the following:

Bananas and cinnamon (the best one yet)
Bananas and cocoa powder
Avocado (one in 100g Huel, could hardly taste it, will try two next time)
Raw spinach (bright green, but no flavour)
Bag of mixed salad leaves and a splash of balsamic vinegar (enough to override the oaty taste, but still weak)

The ingredients in the Knorr pots is not great, 90% of it is made up from water, glucose syrup, salt, vinegar, palm oil and sugar. Some fresh herbs might work. I will give that a go.

I plan to try other green leaves like kale, other fruits and also Marmite and coffee now (thanks Julian and Geby).


I’ll half-echo what @Danny said. A lot of people enjoy cinnamon.

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I’d recommend the cinnamon flavouring from here; they ship worldwide:

About a dozen drops in the vanilla-flavoured Huel works beautifully; I have yet to try it in the unflavoured-and-unsweetened version.

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Why not just real powdered cinnamon? On top of the flavour, it has health benefits too:

I couldn’t find an ingredients list for the Weldon ones. Perhaps you could post it for the one you have, @2958302?

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And black curly kale (cavalo nero) may be delicious steamed, but it is not pleasant raw and blended with Huel. I’m struggling through the first of the two shakers full I made this morning.

Good point. I had considered using powdered cinnamon before getting the Weldon flavouring, but I wasn’t sure how well–or evenly–the powder would mix with Huel. I might give powdered cinnamon a go, although I may no longer have the need to use any flavouring at all, depending on how I like the taste of the unsweetened-and-unflavoured Huel.

The Weldon cinnamon bottle states the following as ingredients: Natural and artificial flavours, caramel colour. The reason I went with Weldon to start with was because they don’t use any artificial sweeteners, and I didn’t want to add to the unpleasant (for me) taste of sucralose in Huel. Also, the fact that their products have zero calories–or thereabouts–was another positive, as I didn’t want to add to Huel’s calorie count.

Just “natural and artificial flavours”? That’s not a very good ingredients list. Perhaps American legislation is not the same as UK for this.

Powdered cinnamon mixes just fine, as the Huel is a powder anyway. I’ve only added it with banana, which thickens the drink and the taste of cinnamon is pretty consistent all the way down.

I want over 3000 calories per day, so a few more here and there mean little to me. What’s more important is that they are good and healthful calories.

The unflavoured Huel made with water and nothing else added tastes like very thin, watery porridge. Think Oliver Twist’s gruel. Although with considerably more nutrients.