Any suggestions on flavourings?



I am unsing banana and/or carrot.

If you do not use the blender too much time, you will find pieces of carrot you have to bite. Good idea, I think.


I was curious to try the unflavoured huel for savoury, but still have three and a bit bags of the sweet one left. I got an urge to experiment (kindled by someone in the office having curry for lunch) so I dumped garam masala, pepper, cumin, coriander, garlic powder & onion granules into my evening shake (aiming to influence nutritional profile as little as possible as I’m 100% Huel on weekdays usually) with warm water. It was actually surprisingly palatable, a kind of sweet creamy curry sauce. I might buy a few bags of unflavoured, out of curiousity; variety hasn’t really been a concern for me, but could be interesting. :slight_smile:


Curry flavour, good idea, adding that one to my list. Thanks.


After experimenting with other brands previously, my favourite flavours in order were, from Joylent: vanilla, chocolate, banana and then strawberry. Queal offered other flavours as well like forest fruits, apple pie, peanut and chocolate, which never really floated my boat.

Things I’ve tried:
A shot of freshly brewed coffee added to vanilla is great (not so keen on instant coffee).
Queal did a Straciatella shake on their Tinkering Thursday blog, which was vanilla with shredded chocolate blended in (I used a few squares of a Lindt Excellence 90% cocoa chocolate bar) and it was fabulous - probably best to keep as a treat though and not an every meal drink!

Trying a blended in ripe banana to unflavoured Huel today which is nice.
Fresh apple is on my list.

I’m thinking that frozen pineapple chunks, frozen blueberries, and frozen mango chunks might be a convenient way of adding fruit flavours.

Tempted to try some savoury flavours too.
Going to really push the boat out and try a little Hot smoked chili and garlic sauce that I’ve got. What could possibly go wrong? :sweat_smile:


No added sugar ginger beer works pretty well, its strong in flavour good for digestion and has no calories.


I’ve only used the sweet variety. So far I have used a banana with 2.5 scoops of powder. Also, a small handful of hazelnuts and a heaped teaspoon of cocoa with the same amount of powder.

Starting to use frozen fruits now which has been working well. Used with a supermarket summer berries, and now frozen mango. Handful per 2.5 scoops. Both create some excellent tastes. Love the aftertaste of the mango.

All of the above are blended obviously. Do miss savoury flavours though, but I will normally eat one savoury meal a day rather than 100% huel.

One thing, would it be possible to have mix and match with Huel deliveries? Last order I ordered a months worth for the maximum savings, but if I could I would have had one of the packets as the unsweetened version to try and experiment with savoury flavours. Still want to benefit from the bulk discounts though. Can’t be that hard to just put one different packet in the box! Maybe I should have tried requesting this in the comments box.


@michael_s we will have a think about how to manage this from a stock control perspective, as you say it should be pretty easy to just use the comment box. But it would be better have a slicker system.


I’ve wondering, has anyone at huel tried the mixture with just the vanilla flavouring and no sucralose or other sweetener? I quite like the taste as it is but I think I’m having a bad reaction to the sucralose as the symptoms (really bad gas) are similar to when I tried swapping sugar for splenda a few years ago and I’d be interested to know if just the vanilla and no sweetening would work out well.


Hi @sk8ninja

Will we be launching 4 flavour pouches this week that use stevia instead of sucralose. These pouches are just flavour and sweetener, no Huel. They are meant to be used with the unflavoured & unsweetened version of Huel.


Vanilla and no sweetening would not work. The vitamin mix is very bitter. Sweetener is not used to sweeten, per se, but to mask the bitter taste. Vanilla alone won’t mask the bitterness.

You’d end up with bitter vanilla. :smile:


@ric I’m surprises but some customer are able to consume the UU version of Huel without sweetener or flavour added, but for most it will require both. As you say the vanilla won’t mask the chalky and earthy taste, from my testing I would say the main problems are the vegan protein (pea and rice) not the vit blend which is less than 1.5% of the total.


@HarryTuttle, chili! Thank you, I’ve got a bottle of Thai sweet chili just lying around anyway. Might as well try.


I’m please to say that the pouches of flavours are now live:

They use both natural flavours and a natural sweetener. Price is approx 11p per use.


It doesn’t matter that the vitamin blend is less than 1.5% the total. The taste of the vitamin blend, if you lay it on the tongue, would be bitter, no matter the percentage. That’s why most vitamins are consumed as a pill that is swallowed, not tasted. Vitamins that are chewable all have some type of sweetener added (children’s vitamins, vitamin gummies).


Well, I’ve just had my first extreme savoury Huel experience. Added a couple of teaspoons of Hot Headz smoked chilli and garlic sauce to some unsweetened/unflavoured Huel and it’s actually okay! It feels like it needs an extra something to make the consistency a bit thicker, but taste-wise it’s pretty good. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea and I don’t think I’ll be trying it for breakfast! An interesting experiment none the less. I’m thinking that you could almost make it into a kind of spicy humous with some chickpeas blended in there. Would probably need some olive oil too.


First day using it and can’t stomach it on its own, not just yet. Although compared to other powdered shakes it’s probably the best out of the ones I’ve tried for taste. Good nice texture using a blender.

Anyway, to make it better I found a Costa tassimo did the trick. Made it a bit warm but put it in the fridge and after a few hours, very tasty. (Obviously didn’t just put a whole Tassimo in the blender haha)

Going to try mixed frozen fruit tomorrow.


Currently I’m on the regular vanilla Huel that I usually add a bit of cocoa powder to. I’m really interested in trying some savoury options and maybe pushing the boat out on the unsweetened Huel next order…but there doesn’t seem to be much on here about savoury. Anyone else have a bit more savoury advice?


I think these are a good starting point for trying savoury flavours:


I’ve been drinking the vanilla version plain, but last night when prepping todays drink I added 10g of cocoa to 200g of vanilla Huel and that has worked out great for me, not too chocolatey to make me want to drink more and not too sweet.