How do you flavour your Unflavoured & Unsweetened Huel?

Calling all Unflavoured Huelers (in preference not personality :wink: )

We’re looking to come up with some great content to give people that prefer Unflavoured Huel some ideas on how to flavour theirs, so how do you do it?

So far these are the ideas we’ve pulled together from how we do it:

  • 50/50 Unflavoured/Vanilla
  • Add your own sweetener: stevia, monkfruit (USA), honey - anything else?
  • Powdered peanut butter
  • Different milks - which are your favourites?
  • Flavour Boosts
  • Cinnamon - any other spices?

Comment below with your favourite hacks!

My favorite hack is letting people know that they do not need to flavor the unflavored one. Just add water.

This way we avoid all the controversies associated with added sugars, various artificial/natural sweeteners, and other heavily processed ingredients.


Tbf mate I think you are on your own in living off U/U Huel 100% of the time.


Banana and cinnamon is a winner for my breakfast

Any sort of frozen fruit works if you have a blender


I leave it as it is 90% of the time. Occasionally I’ll add some of that complete greens powder from B*** P****s but that certainly isn’t for the flavour!

For my first purchasing of huel powder, I followed the recommandation of sweetened version and the product that I received was too sweet for me. It is very convenient that I don’t need to add extra sweetner though.

So, when I drink my huel, I add usually instant coffee powder expecting quicker energy boosting during the day time. I added once some cinnamon powder in it and it was a bad choice. Maybe adding some organic matcha powder or chocolate powder would be a good choice. :slight_smile:

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I started off with Cadbury hot chocolate powder in mine for over a year. Eventually tried it without last year and found I actually preferred it with nothing added. Now on four 120g drinks a day in addition to my normal meals, and really enjoy the flavour of the unflavoured!

Bloody hell, that’s some hefty calories. Height/weight?

1m95, currently about 14st10lbs. Started trying to bulk up a bit two years back from 12st 7lbs. Managed to get up to 15st on 4 - 4.5k calories a day but now on 3.5k a day to keep weight where it is now. Vegan now as well so not having whole milk and weight gain powders is proving hard to replace to add weight. Four Huels gives me a base 2k calories, then three other meals and nuts (not a huge fan of nuts) plus small bit of dark chocolate.


3 scoops of Huel
1 very heaped teaspoon of cacao powder
1 tablespoon of maple syrup
Water to preference

= dark chocolate flavoured Huel.

I’m really glad this thread is here as a newbie to Huel and a fan of U/U!


Using Huel for almost a week now. Ordered the New Vanille and the unflavoured. The vanille is just too intense for me. For now I am mixing the 2 to finish the New Vanille. In my next order I will just order the unflavoured.

I love my Huel when I make 2 scoops of unflavoured and add one of the small Flavour boosts samples. I haven’t tried all Flavour boosts yet, but when using this quantity I think the taste is great!

You might try original vanilla as you don’t like new vanilla. There are a few who prefer it on here incl me. I find the new too artificial and prefer the more oaty aspect of original.

Thanks for the tip! If that one is a lot less artificial I can try try it with my next order, but I actually really like the unflavoured with a little bit of flavour boost too.

My worry with the old vanilla is that I might like it and they will stop producing it, because they made a new one.

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Probably worth getting a few more opinions on its taste before your next order.

I agree re risk of stopping production - just needs more of us to buy it to stop that happening :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Probably nothing new here, but I blended about 150g frozen raspberries into my lunchtime U/U Huel today and it was lovely! No added sugar and I thought it might be a bit sour but no - delicious fruit and yummy Huel.

Me again. Tea! I’ve got a cupboard full of weird teas that I rarely drink. I’m not talking about the fruit or herbal tea bags (that smell nice but just taste of hot water), but actual loose tea with spices, etc. I had spiced Assam Huel for lunch.

I make up a strong infusion, cool it and mix with Huel then chill overnight.

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Cinamon, ginger, coriander, cloves, and cardamom in my Huel pancakes. This combination produces a similar flavour to “ontbijtkoek” – delicious dutch cake. A tiny amount of honey or maple syrup if sweetness is required.

If you find you need Stevia or other sweetner, adjust your palette. It can be done!


I use organic cacao powder and cocos blossom sugar to flavor it. Jum.

I tried Marmite… a teaspoon flavoured it very well. This would be great, if you love Marmite. I neither love nor hate it so it didn’t fill me with joy.

I also tried orange juice, which I figured should be delicious. Euch. It wasn’t!

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I´m a bit of Huel rookie. And still working things out. But, I really like the U/U Huel and much better than the Vanilla Huel.

For flavours I have used Huel´s booster flavours - “Pinaple Coconut”. Very, very nice :yum:

I bought some food flavours from Capella and have tried “Cinnamon Danish Swirl”- with extra cinnamon. Yummi! And “Chocolate Fudge Brownie” - which is pretty good but I´m still working on it to be super :heart_eyes:

I mainly mix the Huel-powder with rice milk or water. To sweeten more I use Stevia.

I will definitely try U/U on the rocks. As suggested in this thread.