What’s everyone using to flavour their huel?

I’m relatively new to huel, but was getting bored with the vanilla huel. It said in the video to add some instant coffee to flavour it, which got me thinking.

I had some Beanies flavoured instant coffee kicking around in the cupboard, so I thought I’d use them up. The white chocolate & raspberry and sticky toffee pudding have been my favourite so far, but are nearly all gone.

What is everyone else trying?


Frozen fruits :green_apple::apple::banana::strawberry::cherries::peach::mango::pineapple::coconut:

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Huel flavour boosts. Best to try the sample packs first to see what you like.
I also like frozen fruits blended in or a ripe banana (fresh or frozen). Mocha is nice, instant coffee plus a spoonful of cacao.

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Last time I did Huel I got quite into a few of the flavour boosts. I particularly enjoyed the chocolate mint one, choc and banana (have to mix yourself) and pineapple and coconut.

This time round, I haven’t bothered. It doesn’t really make much difference in terms of how much I look forward to (or don’t) huel.

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Frozen fruits (especially cherries or blueberries)
Flavoured cocoa powder (Whittards Salted Caramel is nice)
Instant coffee
Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg
Dried fruit (raisins, cranberries)
My Protein Flavour Drops (liking the banana flavour in chocolate Huel premix)
I tend to make mine in my Nutribullet with a mixture of water and almond milk so that pulverises the fruit.


So far frozen cherries, coffee granules or raw cacao powder. I’m looking forward to trying the flavour boosts we got soon.

I tried the flavour boosts. Matcha was my favourite, but on its own it’s price compared to the others.

Does anyone have any experience of adding rhubarb and custard boost to vanilla?
I kind of think it might work for me but was wondering if anyone had tried it and what their opinion was?

Made one yesterday with frozen raspberries and some almond extract as a Bakewell thing. Really enjoyed it.


Love instant coffee in Huel. I’ve seen some shouts for Beanies on here before, maybe @JJMC.

I’ve just ordered an assortment of Beanies mixed flavour sticks off Amazon. Should arrive tomorrow. I’m looking forward to trying them out.

My selection (not a fan of Huel boosts):

  • Spices: cinnamom, nutmeg, a hint of cayenne pepper, a hint of ground cloves
  • cocoa and a few drops of mint
  • cocconut milk instead of water, 10 gr of extra dark chocolate, cocoa powder
  • frozen berries
  • frozen pineapple and dry cocconut
  • matcha tea
  • instant coffe (a real winner)

Curry powder, peper, salt, galic powder, onion powder

I like the Rhubarb and custard one… It tastes like the sweets to me :yum:

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I love the cinder toffee flavour one! :grinning:

Mmm that sounds good :yum:

Absolutely - good spoonful in and shake what your mother gave you. Great kick of caffeine and a flavour boost too. Just released some new ones (at least new to me) Hot Cross Bun and White Chocolate and Raspberry. Very tasty. Enjoy.

I’m finding Beanies coffee sticks ok as a flavoured coffee drink, make a nice change, but nowhere near strong enough to flavour Huel.

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I put two spoonfuls in 4 calories. I think the sticks are one spoonful.

I put two sticks in @Jon1977 still not a great deal of flavour. So far have only tried gingerbread in Huel. Will try a different flavour tomorrow. I’m drinking a mug of Amaretto Almond right now and finding it rather nice. Might get lost in 100g of Huel though, will see.