How good are the flavour boosts?

I tried the sample pack of vanilla Huel not too long ago but didn’t like the taste at all, but I’m keen to try again as I don’t eat healthily at all and Huel seems like the perfect thing for me.

My question is - how much of a difference do the flavour boosts make? Is it worth me trying again with them or is there a good chance I still won’t like it?

Some are superb, some are just ok. Whether you’ll like them or not will really depend on your personal tastes but yeah, they generally make a huge difference to the taste :slight_smile:


Get the sample pack and try them before committing to a larger bag. I now keep about half a dozen different flavours on the go to vary things.

Adding a little something something to the flavour system can work too. cinnamon and/or peanut butter powder (from supermarket) to cacao or chocolate is my latest obsession.

Thanks guys, I’ve just ordered some with the sample flavours to give them a shot. Fingers crossed!

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At work I like the matcha one as it takes the sweet edge off a little; if I am craving something sweeter then I go with strawberry.

At home I use Azera instant coffee (for breakfast) or cacao powder.

Hope this helps!

Definitely have a go with the Boost samples, you can order them on their own (£3, incl delivery) or get them with an order of Huel for £1.50. Once you’ve decided on your favourite you can then grab a full pouch.

Throwing it out there, Matcha Tea Flavour Boost is now my favourite ever. I’ve been deliberating between Cacao, Toffee and Matcha Tea for some time, but the official directive from Tim’s desk now is that Matcha is my favourite.

My first lunch of the day is going down a storm!

Hiya all

Still fighting with the flavours - bought the 9 flavour samples and TBH couldnt tell much of a difference / benefit

If I am using UU - 100g in 500mls Almond Milk, how much Flavour should I be adding to make it taste of that flavour ?

Feel like a mumpty asking - but people seem to be raving about the flavours and Im like - ???


I wanted to be purist and have little additives as possible but when I got a free flavour pack, I thought I’d give it a shot and I love them. not had a bad flavour yet, so much so that I don’t know which one(s) to order lol.

Anyway, I use the samples exactly as it says on the pack so with U/U you want 1.5 scoops = 57g with 300ml liquid.

It looks like you’re using too much Huel and thus not getting the full flavour.
If you want 100g, you need to use Vanilla Huel.



I have got the larger bags of flavourings as well so can just up my addition size - the 100g of HUEL makes me two portions - one for breakfast and then one for lunch at work

Yep, the 1.5 scoops isn;t enough for me either so I’m using Vanilla while I try all the flavours.
Accorgind to the guide, 2g of flavour should be used with vanilla so I’d try 4g with U/U :slight_smile:

Don’t really fancy buying some Vanilla just for the sake of trying the flavours and then hating the product so think I will persevere with the U/U and add more flavouring … testing time me thinks

Good idea. Like I say, according to the blurb, 4g or teaspoons worth per 100g should be about right. I know any more than the suggested and it’d be too sweet for me :slight_smile:

So I just got my shipment of Huel today along with a full bag of the strawberry flavour and a sample pack too but unfortunately it’s not good news.

No matter how much of the flavouring I put in all I can taste is that same oaty/cardboard taste that I can’t stand, the flavouring really seems to do nothing at all for me.

I really wanted to like it to help improve my diet but the taste really isn’t for me. I’m considering trying one last time replacing the water with milk to see what effect that has on the taste but I have no idea what difference it’ll make.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Morning Jazzy

I use 500 mls of almond milk, 100g of U/U HUEL, and then add flavour - I have tried the sample sizes but was using too much HUEL, so they didnt make a jot of difference…

I tried a heaped teaspoon yesterday but find that a good shot of espresso is just as good a flavouring - deffo think it is trial and error

We’re getting a bit of feedback from the community that although the Flavour Boosts are great in Vanilla Huel, they are a bit lacking in U/U Huel.

Just an FYI, the recommendation to add 1.5 scoops of U/U with the Boost Sample is purely to get as much flavour as possible - not a meal recommendation. These Samples are not intended to be something you buy constantly and keep on you to add to Huel but purely an opening to try all our Flavour Boosts and then make an informed choice on which 150g pouch you buy :+1:

Thank you for the feedback!

With regard to JazzyP’s comment on the taste, either flavoured or unflavoured, in our house we make a batch of Huel up each evening and keep it overnight in the fridge. This really changes the taste and texture of the product. Might be worth a try. We also include some coconut milk or almond milk in the liquid content which adds a bit of flavour.

I’ve just tried making it up with milk instead of water and putting in a couple of teaspoons of coffee which masked the oaty taste quite well but it’s still there as an aftertaste.

I’ll try a couple of other things before I give up and report back if I find anything that works for me

At the risk of repeating myself…give the Matcha flavour boost a try. I find it masks the oatiness better than the sweeter flavours.

Can you say that again?

Sure! Go for the matcha.

Incidentally, I hate matcha tea when it’s in tea form…not entirely sure why I like it so much in Huel…!