Huel flavour boosts summary

just wanted to sum up my experience with the flavours (was combining with original vannilla huel), might help someone with choosing the correct one:
banana - really good, tastes like banana milkshake
strawberry - maybe a bit too sweet, but enjoyed it
matcha - couldnt really feel the flavour in there, very subtle. Not my style tbh
toffee - really good too, dont really see a difference between this and caramel, but i generally like the taste of caramel so not bad
cacao - yet to try, expecting a chocolate flavour (meh)
chocolate - least favorite one, too sweet, just didnt like it at all
mocha - loved it, tastes really like coffee 10/10
caramel - same as toffee
mint chocolate - a bit better than normal chocolate, but still terrible :smiley:
pineapple coconut - too sweet, the flavor isnt so significant

best ones: caramel, mocha, banana
worst ones: (mint) chocolate

I’ve got a weird observation; if I throw in too much flavour boost in the new vanilla, berry or coffee (1-2 table spoons/3-4 scoops) the taste almost vanishes. It’s like the sweetness overpowers itself, shuts down my taste buds or something like that. When rinsing the shaker the watered down remains tastes really sickly sweet. Tested with rhubarb & custard, toffee and mint chocolate.

Try adding less? HTH

Thank’s, I have already tried and found it tastes stronger, sometimes. (I’m a bit sloppy with measuring so could be dosage thing). I was kind of looking for confirmation this is an actual thing and that I haven’t fried my last three taste buds with my latest habanero binge. I think I can still taste pain at least.

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I tend to mix (shake) the flavor boost with the dry Huel first then mix with the water.

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Matcha is my favourite! Agree with banana and toffee/caramel flavours. Actually I like the pineapple and coconut but it is unbelievably sweet I agree.

I would recommend anyone interested pick up a sample flavour pack they’re fun and a really good gateway to experimenting with Huel

I didn’t care for the strawberry huel mix flavor.

I threw one out. Not nice at all and I love strawberry flavors in most thinks