Huel Flavours

When I first started using Huel, I thought that the only benefit would be getting something healthy during the day when I’m at work to stop me reaching for the snacks.
What I didn’t realise is that I would actually enjoy the different flavours.

At the moment I’ve got some V3 Mint Chocolate powder on the go, which is great. I got some flavour boosts with my first order and this and salted caramel were my favourites, but to be honest I was surprised by all of the flavours - they taste a lot more ‘real’ than I thought they would, a lot of shakes I’ve tried taste a bit strange but I really look forward to having my Huel at lunch.

I have thought about mixing different flavours, has anyone tried this?

mixing the strawberry and banana flavour boosts makes quite a nice taste and pretty much the only way to enjoy the Strawberry one.

Ah thanks Chris! So Mint Chocolate and Salted Caramel FB are your faves? I feel like mixing those probably wouldn’t work, but yes we’ve definitely tried mixing them before! Chocolate obviously mixes really well with loads (Berry and Banana particularly). Let us know which ones you try!