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Hello :slightly_smiling_face: I’m a newbie to Huel. Like most people here I’m trying it for health and convince. I’ve been starting slowly by replacing 1 meal a day for a week so far and, I was a little dubious about it but, found that it’s not too bad. I ordered Berry and Vanilla (v2) and flavour boost samples. As I thought I’d most likely prefer the berry over the vanilla (sometimes it can taste a bit fake), but much to my surprise the vanilla is alright (better with the caramel boost!) but the berry? Hmmm… :no_mouth: I’m really not that keen on it :joy: (Has anyone found a good thing to mix it with? A banana didn’t help!)
Next time I’m going to try the original vanilla.
Well, that’s it so far.
Thanks and see you around? :wave:

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Hi Hannah. Welcome to Huel. Try blending with some fresh blueberries or frozen mixed berries, like a smoothie. That might help :grinning:

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Thanks! I have actually got some blueberries to try next, and the mixed berries is a good shout too. Though, how much would you recommend? :thinking:
Thanks again!

We all have varying tastes but I tend to use 100g.

80g works fine for me - some frozen fruits do have recommendations on the wrapping?

Hey Hannah, welcome to the community :blush: it’s great to have you on the team! So pleased to hear that your initial doubts subsided after you tried it.

Caramel Flavour Boost is delicious! With the Berry, why not go for a real curve-ball and mix in a little bit of chocolate Flavour Boost (if you got the sample pack!). I reckon that could be a winner, but appreciate if you don’t want to go in blind! I haven’t tried it yet!

Keep us up to date on your Huel experiences :v:


Welp I tried adding the blueberries (used 90g as halfway point between both of yours @Bee and @DunsfordMage lol) and, I’m sad to say (for me), the flavour wasn’t improved much imo :joy: (although the colour was nice!)
Then, this evening I tried @Tim_Huel 's idea of the chocolate flavour boost (didn’t actually realise that was a done thing, as seen as I’d be adding to an already flavoured version of huel)
…and… I personally don’t recommend it :sweat_smile: There is a slight hint of a chocolatey taste, but then the over powering (sorry berry fans) bitter ‘berry’ flavour kicks in.

(debates adding banana flavour tomorrow, but might be a waste of a boost though :laughing:)

Don’t waste the banana! It’s one of the best!


Ohhhh dear :woman_facepalming: Too late! :see_no_evil: Sorry @JayDog! It smells a strong flavour (in a good way!) so perhaps it can help mask the Berry? :crossed_fingers: For breakfast tomorrow :laughing:

I think berry is one of those hit or miss flavours.
I would try stronger fruit - blueberries are a lovely colour, but aren’t dominant in flavour.
Try mixed berries, and they will start to change the flavour.
Good luck!

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It IS the best.


And the Berry improvement adventure continues…
Banana boost - Similar problem to the choco one :sleepy: (not going to waste anymore) although, there is a very slight aftertaste of banana. VERY slight.

Mixed berries - found a pack of frozen berries (strawb, rasp and blackcurrent :thinking: I believe) and so I tried about a cup full added in. May need a little more, but, it was more drinkable than it was plain. Still not a fan of it though :sweat_smile:

Also, side note, but can flavour boosts be bought again? As in with my next order? Or bought separately? Just so I can try them again with the original flavour huel?

Yes you can buy more of the sample flavour boosts, and if you like one (or more) you can get full size bags.

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OK, so contininuing my Berry improvement adventure, I may have found something to help cover the taste… Though possibly making it a bit unhealthier :sweat_smile: a heaped tablespoon of chocolate nesquik and a banana :joy: The Berry is still there, but a lot more subtle.

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OK. Good news! The Berry flavour is now just a distant memory. My second batch of Huel (original and U/U) and sample boost sachets have been opened, and I think I may officially be on the huel train now :joy: The Banana sachet was definitely wasted on the Berry! :yum::banana::milk_glass: Also have gotten some hazelnut milk to try the Nutella flavour :grinning:


I quite like Berry, but only occasionally.

I’m with you on this!
UU and original and the flavour boosts make the best Huels in my opinion :yum:

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