New to Huel hope I like it

Hi all.

Well i have been looking at this sort of thing for the last few weeks and decided to grab a sample.

I have been put off with the other supplier’s not offering a sample pack. The reason for this I do not want to pay £40 or so for something I don’t like. But hey when I saw the offer on for £1 thought why not.

I would say I am a little bit of a fussy eater and don’t like some texture to food and also some taste’s but really want to give huel a try.

So I have a vanilla on my lap and ordered a few unflavored. I have been reading loads of first times and what would be best to try first etc.

I do have my shaker to hand but am going to hold off to tomorrow until my new blender comes. I am not a big fan of chunks. One video I watched the person did not like the aftertaste and added strawberry’s. another person added more water when it got low to dissolve the chunks.

So my plan is tomorrow is to come in from work and try the vanilla in the blender… hopefully I like it the way it is. If not I have a few things to try. 1 adding more water to help with the texture or adding some strawberries or milkshake mix.

If all goes well. a full order will be placed :slight_smile:

any tips would be fantastic as I don’t want to give up on the first hurdle. I do like sweet foods

I’m also new to Huel and was going to post my experiences here. One thing I’d recommend though is do not add fruit to Huel. I tried this myself on my first batch with mixed berries but the result was to make the Huel much much thicker and only very marginally sweeter. Try just having the fruit as a dessert for after you’ve finished.

I had a lot more success using a 50/50 mix of apple juice and water and adding the Huel to that. Bumps the sugar and calorific content a bit but by no means to an unmanageable degree and the resultant mix was very much tastier. Over time I may try different mixes but this felt like a good way to get over any initial hurdle.

Thanks for that.

Well its huel o clock in around 9 hours. I will pick up some apple juice in my way back from work. Going to try it just by its self at first.

Soon as I have had it I will post my first impressions. Hopefully all good.

For me using huel to start with is going to replace my afternoon meal. or lunch time Normally when I get home from work at 5:50 I am not hungry but end up getting hungry later on and because I cannot be arsed to cook I end up ordering from just eat.

I am not overweight well might be just a little but nothing major so for me what I want out of huel is to save a few quid and eat a little healthier.

I love the vanilla flavor. Huel fills me up and I don’t tend to snack like I used to.

I recommend blending and leaving in fridge overnight, I personally like to add one of the flavours. Mocha good in the morning and banana or choclate for lunch.

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Well the gag reflex kicked in on the vanilla was not the texture but the taste. Added berries and it made the taste much nicer but the aftertaste still had me.

I do not blame huel for this just my taste buds :).

Busy mixing up the standard stuff right now. I have not give up

Going to nip out in a few and grab some apple juice as well.

Right well apple juice was a no go… So tomorrow will make the last of my vanilla up and leave it in the fridge and see how that goes

Thanks for all the help so far… I had a feeling it would take a day or 2 and hopefully mix it to something I can eat… I meen drink…

Sigh to being a picky eater/ drinker :slight_smile:

Fridge will help - needs at least 2 hours to “soften”

Try coconut water. Worked pretty well for me. I also do mine half milk/half water and that works too. and nutella! 20g of nutella gives it a nice taste and doesn’t mess the calories up too much.

I look forward to my Huel, usually Mocha, Banana or Choc flavouring, left overnight in the fridge. Tastes like a milkshake and a seems lot more unhealthy than what it is. Using a shaker and not cold is too thin and tastes very chalky.
I’m off on hols tomorrow and down to my target weight which is good considering a big weekend just gone eating out and drinking lots and big fry-ups for breakfast. I’ve loaded my caravan with over 12kg of Huel for 4 weeks holiday breakfast and lunch for me and the wife so hopefully won’t put on the usual 10lbs or so over the holiday.

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Nice idea - not calorie free so would have to adjust things but can imaging that would be bloody lovely