Newbie comment

I have been using Huel for a few weeks now and I have mixed experiences. In my first month I stopped and started due to travel for work, so this is the first time I have consistently used it.

On weekdays I have 2 scoops with 400ml of water for breakfast (prepared the night before and stored in the fridge overnight) and 3 scoops with 500ml for lunch. Is this about what other people use? On the weekend I’ll just have it for breakfast.

I did suffer from some unpleasant bodily reactions initially (well technically those around me did the suffering) but this passed quite quickly.

I find that drinking it immediately after mixing has quite an unpleasant gritty texture, but chilling it first solves this.

I have tried the Banana, Berry and Vanilla flavours (all v3 - I came too late to the party for the previous versions).

I really like the vanilla flavour
I don’t mind the banana flavour, but it doesn’t really taste of much
I dislike the Berry flavour, which is annoying since I can taste it for hours after drinking it.

Next one will be chocolate.

I do feel a bit better in general for drinking Huel, and it’s saving me money - I haven’t lost any weight yet, but them I’ve only just started.

So far so reasonably good. I’ll continue for a while and see how I feel in another month or two.

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Have you tried mixing berry and vanilla 50/50 to cut down on the berry taste a bit? I haven’t but it might help you get through the rest of the bag? :slight_smile:

No I haven’t yet, but I will do over the weekend. Thanks!