Excited to start, but can't STAND the taste!

Hello all!

First off, I have started Huel today and my eating plan is 3 scoops for breakfast, 3 scoops for lunch and come home to have a nice dinner. That’s what I plan to eat, really.

Have felt absolutely incredible this morning from drinking this, which is amazing! Haven’t felt so energised and awake in ages. I believe this Huel is going to help my body so much, as I believe I am deficient in essential vitamins because I eat like absolute sh*t!.

I made the drink yesterday, popped it in the fridge for consumption in the morning, gave it a good shake, and it was nasty. I found it quite difficult to drink, the taste and texture is just a no-no. (This is vanilla flavour, by the way)

Lunch I thought I would try and change it up, so I put some fresh coffee from our coffee dispenser at work (Fresh, expensive beaned coffee is amazing!) and mix that up and my god… It was the worst thing I have ever drank, period. Had to hold my nose and try not to throw up while drinking it just to finish it!

I’ve ordered some strawberry flavouring so hopefully that’ll spice up my meals. Tomorrow I’ll be blending some berries as I absolutely love berries and I pray that it’ll be tasty!

Have any of you had this? I definitely wont stop, because I know there’s tonnes of different mixtures you can make, but did any of you feel the same way when they started?

(this is no hate of Huel, I’m having a great time with it and feel amazing, but just having the most difficult time drinking this stuff!)

Frozen berries, or mixed fruits will end the suffering :grin: Also making it up night before in a blender using ice also helps texture. By morning it’s like having a fruit smoothie.

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Why not just try it using the way they suggest it? At least as a first step then you can go from there depending on how you might prefer it. Then if you want suggestions maybe confirm if it is 2.1 or 2.2 that you have and the water to Huel ratio you are using.

The taste definetly takes some getting used to! Stick with it, you’ll learn to love it! Try adding flavour pouches or other additives like cocoa

I find that adding a little espresso the night before then putting it in the fridge makes it really lovely, I actually look forwards to it. That and a friend suggested adding peanut butter, which makes the vanilla slightly more savory which really helps with the monotony.

It definitely took a good week to adjust to the taste/texture. Stick at it, and try slightly different ratios of water and Huel. Also, make it several hours before drinking.

I’ve never made a shake and stored it, but if I do find myself getting bored of the flavour, I put in a splash of squash concentrate. Either Lime cordial, or forest fruits for me. Works a treat. Though 90% of the time i’m just fine with the vanilla as it comes. Maybe that will sort it for you?

Really sorry you aren’t loving the taste of Huel, but thank you for being so positive and experimental in spite of this! There are so, so, so many ways of flavouring your Huel to mask any flavours you aren’t enjoying.

I fully believe that you can find something that works for you and that the convenience, cost, time saved and nutrition will win you over!

I add raspberry ketone powder from Bulk powders. Gives it a lovely taste of vanilla raspberry and it smells great too