So I’ve been thinking about trying Huel for a while now and I was really excited to try it.

My first subscription came this morning, I have the Vanilla one and the mint chocolate one.

They both taste really not great.

I added the water as per the instructions and it tastes so chemically and powdery!

What am I doing wrong?

I so badly wanted to get into Huel and will be super disappointed if I can’t get a good taste from this!

I have read lots of recipes and I do look forward to trying them.

Someone, please tell me they had the same issues when they started and now they love it?!

Thanks, guys :slight_smile:

I also hated my first two Huel flavours (Berry and new Vanilla).
I think it’s a matter of finding the flavour that suits you.

Personally I love Unflavoured, Mint Choc and Original.

If you really hate the sweetener and flavour you could try unflavoured & unsweetened.
Do you like the taste of plain porridge oats? If so you might actually like the UU.

If you find both your current flavours too sweet, try mixing it half half with unflavoured to tone it down a bit.

Unflavoured is really versatile as you can add your own natural ingredients. Personally I love the oaty earthy flavour.

For now, try experimenting with adding more water to make it weaker.
And also definitely let it stand in the fridge for 4 hours or more before drinking.
Chilling and standing seems to tone down the sweetness massively.
The unflavoured is nice at room temp but ALL the others are only drinkable after refridgerating.

Ideally, make one up tonight and leave it in the fridge til morning. Give it a good shake and then try it - it will be very different I guaranteee!


Yeah I would say the majority of long term customers actually didn’t enjoy their first Huel, my first shake in 2016 was not tasty. But, as I had bought two bags, I pressed on… and here I still am after all this time! There’s hope for you yet


Yep, I echo what @RyanT said above. I thought it was OK at first, didn’t hate it, but I had tried lots of different protein powders and most of them are grim - tweaked it a few times and now love it.

Also refrigeration suggested by @ChristinaT is a winner, I always do that unless unavoidable.

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I have started early last month, didn’t really have any taste issues.
Sure, they weren’t great and had to get used to it a little bit.
The one that I don’t have without anything added is U/U, but it’s great
for recipes or to add it to instant soup or pasta sauce (yes, tried it :stuck_out_tongue: )

I think the Mint-Chocolate is a little minty for me, so prefer to add cacao powder.
The Berry one, I love it, but I can imagine that it’s not everyone’s favorite.
Original (Vanilla) & Coffee are definitely my favourites, either just-made or refridgerated.
U/U as I said, not something I have just as it is, but differs for everyone.
Yet to try New Vanilla, so can’t comment on that one.

I think refridgerating it for a couple of hours would be a great advice, I tend to make my
shakes the evening before and have them ready for the entire day (near 100% Huel).
That really helps a lot for both the taste and texture.

There are Flavour Boosts aswell, though I don’t have much experience trying those.
Personally, I’d like to add instant coffee, cacao powder, banana or the FlavDrops from MyProtein.
I like most flavours as they are, but some tweaking is definitely worth trying. Either from recipes
on the Huel site or experiences and ideas from others, aswell as trying your own.

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It really is a Marmite type thing. I’ve been with Huel since version 1.2, maybe even 1.1, and I can honestly state the sweeter versions hit the spot for me - I cannot get away with UU - whereas my missus hates anything other than UU. I have a very sweet tooth so adding additional sweetener such as MyProtein flavour drops makes it even better for me. Plus vote for refrigeration. Coffee Huel maybe for your good self? Watch your thickness levels too and / or add something to make way different - ginger powder, turmeric, matcha, cacao, spirulina, peanut butter flour or powder, maca root powder, beetroot powder - they change it up dramatically.


Oh I loved my 1.2 :slight_smile:

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I started Huelling last October. Loved it then and love it now, both granola and powder :yum:

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I’m going to add granola to my next order to try, but never really been a granola fan :rofl:
Skipping on the RTD, as it has no added value to me other than the price :expressionless:

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I have 60g berry granola with 100ml unsweetened almond milk. I leave to soak for about 15-20 mins because I enjoy it more that way.


Might try that, though it would be my first time with non-cow milk :stuck_out_tongue:
Thinking of it, never even had plant- or almond milk at all :sweat_smile:


I always put 100ml almond milk (or sometimes Oatly barista edition oat milk) in my Huel shakes. Tastes great to me :yum:


Okay so I have had my mint choc one if the fridge for a few hours and its thicker and a lot less chemically tasting! Wow! There is a slight after taste but its really not bad at all. I will make up the vanilla one and put it in the fridge for a bit.

I think I will buy a bag of the UU as I am really keen on trying lots of recipe ideas I have seen. I only really like porridge with sugar or syrup to be honest.

Mixing the two flavors sounds like quite a good idea.

How flavorsome is the berry one btw?

Thank you so much for your help!


All the flavours (and the texure) are considerably improved with refrigeration, IMO. I would only drink the mint choc or the berry without refrigeration, but they are definitely better with it.

Berry is quite a mild flavour compared to the others, so best made thick. I use 400ml with 125g powder.


@Summeralthomas if you find the vanilla and mint chemically, you’re probably not going to like Berry - I found it the worst for an artificial taste.

If you like sweet stuff, why not try a bag of Original (which is sweet but neutral), and a bag of Unflavoured, and order a couple of boxes of flavour boost samples.
There are some really good flavours.
Personally I find they work best in Original or Unflavoured / Original 50/50 mix.
The Mocha, Pineapple, and Caramel ones are divine :yum:


Thank you! I’m reading that lots of people have said to put it in the fridge, I was impatient and too excited so I went straight in!

I am definitely considering getting a back of the UU next as there are a lot of recipes I really want to try out.

I am loving this choc mint one now, its got a little bit of coco powder in it and some cows milk and I put it in the fridge for a few hours and WOW its so yummy.

I am wanting to get to 100% huel but I am so bad when it comes to craving foods so I think its going to be really tough, do you have any tips for that?

I have also brought some flavor boosts as well and really looking forward to trying them out! I am looking to get a blender and try lots of other recipes seen lots where people have added fruits - I am not too keen on banana but I will give it a go :slight_smile:



That’s really great you are liking mint now :slight_smile:

Re food cravings… once you’ve built up to 2 Huels or more a day, you might find your food cravings disappear - mine did. Lots of people have the same experience.
Huel seems to give me everything I need so I just don’t get cravings. I used to constantly crave chocolate or fatty snacky food, but now my appetite is well regulated and pretty much the only thing I ever crave is fresh fruit or veg (maybe because ‘freshness / juiciness’ is the one thing Huel doesn’t satisfy).

My diet now consists of Huel and fresh fruit and veg. And that took no will power - it’s become what I want to eat.


So I think what my issue was I didn’t put it in the fridge and the one I have at the moment is a lot thicker than the ones I made this morning. I am definitely looking in to getting some other flavors in to this though and I am keen on getting the UU as there are so many recipes I want to try.

I’ve only just started drinking coffee so I am not sure if I want a whole bag of coffee just yet though I here mixing it with some coffee is nice.

I love peanut butter so yes really want to try that!

Thank you :slight_smile:


So the mint choc doesn’t taste chemical now I’ve left it in the fridge! I’m not sure for the vanilla yet but that is for my breakfast tomorrow! I do really love sweet stuff! I have some of the flavor samples and really looking forward to trying them. I do want to get some UU but hadn’t yet considered the original but that may be a good call!


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For starters, take some time to adjust. Don’t go 100% immediately but start replacing one or two meals
a day and see how it goes. If your body has gotten used to it a bit, start with replacing another meal.
Depending on your former diet, it might take little or more time to adjust.

When it comes to cravings, it’s as @ChristinaT said ;

This was no different for me, I think the right amount of food and nutrition helps fight cravings.
It does mean, that you have to be aware of how much you need in a day.
Most people would do well with 2.000 kcal a day, where I need around 3.000 kcal a day.
If you find you get enough, but still have cravings. Try not to give in and think about what kind
of food you’re craving for. If it’s always (nearly) the same, see if there is a healthy of dealing with it.
Christina also gave an example of the latter, regarding the craving for freshness/juiciness .

I can imagine, not a great fan of banana myself either. But adding it to a shake makes it better.
Either in U/U or Original, as it is an added taste and not the base of it. Making the shake a little
thicker too, so take that in account as well. I like it thicker, but that’s different for everyone.

The U/U is not my favourite as is, but likely the best for use in recipes. So is a standard for me now
aswell, as I like to mix it in instant soup both as a thickener as well as for the nutrition.
This way, I can enjoy a ‘normal meal’ without dropping the nutritional aspect of Huel. :slight_smile:

Edit : for mixing Huel in soup, sauce, etc. I mix Huel in cold water and add it after that. This way it
mixes better and no risk of losing nutrition due to heat or anything.