First drink of huel

Hi there,
I have decided to start drinking huel as a replacement for breakfast and lunch,
Todayay my first parcel arrived, besides making a bit of a message pouring the powder, prep was extremely easy, decided to go with 500ml water, 3scoops and toffee taster flavouring. From what I have read from articles from business insider and others alike I was expecting it to taste horrible, however I really enjoyed it and am extremely suprised at how full that one portion made me,
Just wanted to share my experience, I would love to hear what you guys thought when you first tried huel,

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Took me a few goes to get it how I liked it…I never hated the taste from the off…but could never get used to unflavoured. I like 50/50 mix of original vanilla and unflavoured in 250ml water and 250ml hemp milk, but use all sorts of flavourings alongside

I hated Huel when I first tried it because I added too little water and the texture just made me nauseous…but I started loving it the 2nd day onwards and it honestly feels like such a treat!

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Lesson of the day: don’t trust Business Insider :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @BisquTz, welcome to the forums, where people are friendly and often a little over-invested in Huel. :wink:

I do the same as you, use Huel as a replacement for breakfast and lunch (mostly). I tried Vanilla first but didn’t like the taste or texture - thought it was a bit like artificially sweet sawdust.

Went out on a limb and bought the unflavoured - much preferred it. I blended it and left it overnight. It took a few Huels to get used to the texture but now I really like it and don’t notice the ‘dryness’. I didn’t get on with the flavour sachets (again, the sweetener just doesn’t appeal) so I’m currently experimenting with different flavours. :yum:

That feeling of fullness was (and still is) brilliant!


I had my first Huel this morning - unflavoured with the chocolate sachet. I really liked it. Once the flavour sachets are used I plan to blend with raw cacao and/or coconut milk.
I usually blend some oats with my nutribullet smoothies so the taste and texture of Huel was fine for me.
I’m planning to have it for breakfast and any time I know I won’t have chance to eat something healthy - when working late or on a flight etc. I’m not planning to ever go 100% Huel but we’ll see how it goes.

Just started today myself and have found the vanilla overly sweet, and the flavours (so far tried chocolate, pineapple and toffee) all too sweet so will be purchasing thenunavoured next time. I’m using a 500ml 2 scoop combonleft overnight, works for me as I find 3 scoops verging on McDonald’s milkshake thickness which I don’t like. First time I tasted the Huel I thought oh god what have I done! This tastes weird! But I forced the first one down, then realised after the first few sips I was actually liking the oatyness, it’s the sweetness that is off putting. Oh and the I’m side effects - hoping they go after a couple days!!!

My first Huel was horrible. I didn’t like it at all. I had no problems with the oathy structure but my first shake had lumps and wasn’t cold enough so I didn’t like it.

As you can see everybody has their one favourite Huel and since Huel is so flexible in ways of making it, its just a question of finding your own favourite.

Mine is a New and Improved Vanilla with 350ml milk and 150ml water. On day 33 for me I found myself waiting impatiently till I get my next ‘Vanilla milkshake’ :laughing:

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I am wanting to try it with milk, I will probably have that for breakfast tomorrow, After a couple days my favourite so far is 2 scoops of vanilla with 2 frozen bananas and 500ml of water, however I hope that will change after trying Huel with milk

Ah yes, with banana is also very good! I’m curious what you think of Huel with milk. It makes a lot of difference.