Hated it at first, now it's working fine

So, after much research I decided to go ahead and order my first batch of Huel. I’m a teacher and lunch breaks generally involve a hurriedly consumed sandwich between marking books from the morning and preparing for the afternoon so the idea of having a meal I could drink sounded ideal.
As well as the convenience I was also hoping to lose a bit of weight, adding a bit more protein to my diet, I thought, would reduce my snacking and the health benefits would hopefully stabilise my mood, which can be a bit up and down.
Soon enough my two bags of Vanilla arrived, along with the flavour samples, and I dived in. Loved the packaging, the t-shirt fitted brilliantly and the shaker looked really substantial.
Then, once I arrived home, the first helping.
I stood staring out of the window wondering what I had done. The taste was awful, not so much the bits, that was ok but it I had no idea how I was going to finish it. It tasted horrible. But finish it I did. I briefly thought about chucking the whole lot out but I hate giving anything up without a fight. I went to bed to think.
In the morning I tried one of the flavour sachets. A lucky dip brought out the coconut one and I added it to my next batch of Huel.
That lunch was still not good, the coconut was a nice flavour but it just tasted… Then I hit on what it was; the water. It was too dilute, I don’t really enjoy water out of a tap anyway and that along with the taste of oats was the problem.
So, that night I reduced the water content by 100ml, making 300ml with 3 scoops rather than 400ml. The whole lot was put in a blender with the next flavour sachet, Matcha, then the recommended 120 ml was added. A quick shake and then left overnight in the fridge. The next lunch was more like a shake. Better by far, was I on to something?
The next day was the turn of rhubarb and custard, ok, not quite, then strawberry; nearly. It was certainly easier to drink I was feeling full and certainly snacking less. I also felt much more…calm and together. My perseverance was paying off.
The next day I found it. Toffee flavour. I actually enjoyed it for the first time. Like, enjoyed it. I smiled.
When I arrived home I got straight on my laptop and ordered the toffee flavour pack.
Now, two weeks further on I am very happy with my Huel. It tastes nice, I enjoy drinking it. Yesterday, I arrived at lunch feeling really hungry. I had been to the gym before work and had only had porridge for breakfast. Would the Huel be enough? Yes it was. I was really surprised. I felt full all afternoon and it lasted me to dinner easily. I also feel more even. The days of waking up in a bad mood one day and high on life the next seem to have gone. I am eating on the run and getting more done and the chore of deciding which boring sandwich to make is over.
So the message is, if at first you don’t enjoy the taste, experiment. Your perfect Huel is out there, you just need to find it.


Thanks for the great post and that you’re now getting on with Huel.

So the message is, if at first you don’t enjoy the taste, experiment. Your perfect Huel is out there, you just need to find it.

This is really what we want to communicate when people first try Huel. Everyone is different, and every Huel can be different to match you. It’s just about figuring out what you like. Delighted that you’ve found yours!