New To Huel - Lazy Cook

Just placed my first order and will be posting my experiences with the product.

Little about myself:
30 year old male
“Skinny fat”
Work at home
Not very active, play hockey once or twice a week
Healthy otherwise, I don’t drink soda, limit my fast food to once a month, but I do order take-out 2-3 times a week for lunch. This is what I want to stop doing with the Huel.

I’m not ashamed to admit I’m an extremely lazy cook. I treat breakfast/lunch like “fuel” and only look forward to a tasty meal for dinner or the weekends. The work week is too hectic for me to be worrying about making something healthy and decent tasting. With all the prep and the mess it creates, I can’t be bothered doing it 2-3 times a day. I’m looking to Huel to fulfill that need by drinking it once a day in the morning and then having dinner. I will only use it on weekends if I have a busy day ahead of me. Looking forward to my Huel experience!

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Literally Huel is perfect for you, it’s exactly what I do. I got so bored of thinking of inventive lunches and putting effort into making them. Huel allows me to not think about it, I vary between plain vanilla, or putting coffee in it, depending on if it’s morning or lunchtime. It’s simple, easy, I actually enjoy the taste of it, and so blooming practical. I hope you enjoy it!


Received my first order on Tuesday afternoon. Came about a week after ordering, not bad. I got 2 bags of the vanilla sweetened Huel, with the shaker, and a t-shirt.

First impressions Wednesday morning:
Shaken in the Huel shaker (I also had a spare shaker ball lying around from a thrown out blender bottle so I’m using that as well)
400ml 2% milk (the store was sold out of almond milk)
3 scoops Huel
3 icecubes

First sip wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I shook it for about 30 seconds and was met by a grainy, watery texture with a pretty gnarly taste. I shook it some more and took another sip, this time not as bad, but as I gulped it all I could think to myself was “oh boy this might suck.” Honestly, the only word I could use to describe the taste would be “earthy” which for me isn’t really a good thing. I was expecting a more powerful vanilla flavor but then again, this is supposed to be healthy so my thoughts of vanilla imply ice cream.

Thursday morning:
Shaker bottle
400 ml 2% milk
3 scoops Huel
3 ice cubes
Wasn’t really looking forward to this, but I woke up starving and promised myself no more eating 2 bagels with cream cheese for breakfast. I steadily drank it over the course of about 10 minutes and while my taste buds got used to the flavor, I still wasn’t excited about this. I used to love pounding back protein shakes and weight gainers but this flavor just wasn’t appealing to me. Then it hit me, Powdered Peanut Butter! I went to the store last night and bought a 30oz container of PB2. I figured I’ll try this with one 1tbsp serving of the powdered peanut butter and it should do the trick,

Friday morning (Today)
Shaker bottle
400ml 2% milk
3 scoops Huel
2 tbsp powdered peanut butter
3 icecubes

DELICIOUS, this went down like a treat. The texture was still a bit grainy but not bothersome and the flavor was fantastic. Masked that “earthy” flavor I was tasting, but the pb wasn’t overpowering. Not to mention, for someone who will only be drinking this, water throughout the day, and a single meal for dinner, the extra 100 calories from the pb is a blessing. Now I’m extremely satisfied with this and will definitely be telling others about this product. If this really is as healthy as it claims to be and I get the results I’m expecting, you may have just gotten a customer for life.

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