New to Huel & loving it so far!

Hi all!

My Huel arrived yesterday, I read thru loads of posts on here + went for 2x u/u + 1x new vanilla plus flavour shot pack of 8… The consensus on here seems to be that it’s nicest with coffee so I tried that first, in the new vanilla which I then added cinnamon + a dash of maple syrup to for more sweetness… I have a massive sweet tooth, which I’m hoping Huel will help me to conquer + I didn’t find the new vanilla flavour to be too sweet or artificial like some here have said. I’ve smoked for 20 years tho, so think my tastebuds are somewhat dulled by that!

I also took advice from you lovely people on here + used the blender + ice to mix my huel, it definitely tastes better cold + after being left in the fridge for a while, I’ll be making it a day ahead from now on for sure.

I’ve also found I like it quite a bit thinner than suggested, I weighed 50g, about 1.5 scoops? + found that I need at least 500-700ml of liquid to make it palatable for me. I don’t like very thick milkshake so I’m not surprised, + the powder is quite a bit finer than I was expecting based on a lot of posts mentioning a porridge taste/texture… I wouldn’t like to drink it that thick + it doesn’t taste that oaty to me either!

I made this morning’s breakfast/lunch huel with 400ml goats milk to 50g huel, a punnet of raspberries, squeeze of honey plus a few ice cubes in the blender + it was really enjoyable! Like with the first shake I had yesterday when it arrived, I got a nice energy boost + general feeling of well being about halfway thru drinking it… Can definitely see myself becoming addicted to that, if not the taste!

My aim in using huel is to eat more nutritious food when working + short of time, feel healthier all round + hopefully lose some weight. I am a 32 yr old woman who is 5ft 10in, about 14 stone + low level active… No formal exercise but I don’t drive + walk everywhere. I don’t own any scales so won’t be tracking my progress that way, more on how I feel + how my clothes fit.

Just wanted to post to say hello, thank you for Ll the tips + to anyone considering huel but put off by reports of foul taste, it’s actually not bad + with your own additions can be pretty tasty + pleasant to drink!

Ooh I did have quite bad farts this morning as some have mentioned!! But nothing too terrible or antisocial, so phew…!

Will update with any recipes I discover that are as nice as fresh raspberries, goats milk + honey huel! :smile:


Welcome to the Fellowship of the Shake and have a nice journey! :slight_smile:


DED :joy::joy:

Although…he’s not wrong; welcome! :smiley:


Thanks guys, I consider myself officially welcomed to the fellowship of the shake!

I’m really loving the sustained energy + stable blood sugar with drinking huel… I’m presuming the calm, steady yet energised feeling I remember from doing the Atkins diet years ago is my blood sugar stabilising, unlike the up-down of my usual diet with too many processed carbs…

On that note, I have had chips for my tea but with an omelette + very nice it was too! Now sipping a chocolate huel made with a cacao flavour boost initially + when that didn’t quite hit the spot for my chocoholic ass I added a spoon of Nutella… + the result is delicious!!

Obviously I’d rather put something healthier in my huel, next experiment will be plain cocoa powder + see how that goes… I want to get some orange oil/essence too so I can try choc orange as well…

I got some “apple pie seasoning” last night at Aldi, it’s cinnamon based + I was thinking might be nice in huel blended up with an apple added… I really liked the flavour with raspberries added this morning, so would like to try more fruits… Unfortunately I don’t like banana flavour that much to want to blend a banana in, tho I do occasionally eat them whole… Banana huel sounds super filling tho!

It’s only my first proper day of huel but I already feel like I’ve made a great discovery that is going to fit well into my life + I actually really like the taste + feel like I won’t get bored when it lends itself to so many different flavours. Plus it’s really good for me too!

The community… Sorry fellowship!! :joy: on here is pretty great on here too!


Hello mate. Well done. Your a legend

Hello fellow Huellers!

I am still relatively new to Huel, it’ll be 2 weeks tomorrow & I am still absolutely loving it! Been meaning to post but having so much more energy has meant the days seem to fly by!

I’m so glad I took the plunge & ordered, I feel so much better… I wasn’t sure I could cope with the taste & texture at first but I was determined to persevere & I’m really glad I did, it’s even been fun trying different additions to flavour it! I’ve gone from tolerating it for the benefits to really looking forward to it because it makes me feel so good & gives me such a boost… One afternoon in the office after my shake I had so much energy, I felt like I was 17 again & would have been bang up for going to a rave, stone cold sober!! The Huel buzz is definitely addictive, even if you have to get used to the taste!

I’ll definitely be continuing with it, I sleep better, wake up easier, haven’t wanted endless tea & coffee all day for an energy boost, so it’s been easy to knock caffeine on the head completely, with no effort at all! I even want to smoke less, I just feel so much better all the time. I’m still only having one shake a day, a decent meal & then snacking on fruit, nuts etc… I don’t think I could cope with myself if I went total replacement, 3 shakes a day… I’d be climbing mountains before breakfast!!!

Another great benefit is that sugary stuff has no appeal, it’s amazing how easy it’s been to avoid the buscuit tin at work… Like no effort, I just don’t want them… Its like some kind of strange voodoo how satisfying the Huel is… I don’t own scales so I don’t have any numbers to give you all for weight loss, but my work trousers are feeling a bit baggy where before they were uncomfortably tight, so I definitely have… The amount of sugar & crap it has been effortless not to consume on a daily basis, no way I’m not losing weight! Still not done any formal exercise but I have definitely done more walking & been generally more active & less lazy. It’s absolutely fucking brilliant!!!

Off to catch up with the rest of the forum now… As you can tell tho, I am completely converted.


I’m new too but have a favourite recipe for sure!

Oat milk
2 scoops coffee Huel
1 tsp coffee granules
1/2 tsp cocoa


Stir in 1 tsp raw cacao nibs


Serve over ice!

Literally look forward to having this.

Using Huel for breakfast and lunch at the moment. Not always having this recipe.

The difference between your first and last post is hilarious; I can almost see you thrashing away at the keyboard with relentless enthusiasm. I just spent a long weekend up north, cut off from my supply, so I’m absolutely feeling what you’re feeling being back on it today!

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Now you come to mention it, all those areas of my life have improved too. Aside from the depression which flares up from time to time, I find it so easy to wake up and feel alert since I starting huelling, before I would be like a zombie for at least half an hour, needing to wake up slowly, cup of tea in hand, huddled in a chair and fighting the urge to go back to sleep. These days I wake up ready to go and feeling refreshed and energised, like an 8 year-old.

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I’ve been huelling for 4 full weeks now I still feel brilliant!:+1:

Wendy I know what you mean about mornings & needing half an hour huddled in a chair… I used to be like that often too! It was definitely worse when I was the most depressed, so it must be parts of the delights of all that… Have you ever looked into adrenal fatigue? I recognised myself in a lot of stuff about that (just Google it), which includes horrific mornings & being unable to sleep at night… & by taking the recommended steps to help it… Eating breakfast, keeping blood sugar stable, getting enough rest, minimising stress… Have all really helped me, huel is excellent as part of this too with it being low GI & so nutritious, plus the convenience takes a lot of stress out of eating well.

I’ve settled into a routine over the last month with huel, initially I had 1x 1 scoop shake a day & tried a variety of flavourings - altho my flavour shot sample pack is still untouched, aside from the cacao one I tried a couple of weeks ago. I had better results with my own cocoa powder, or raw cacao is particularly delicious, especially with cherries to make a ‘black forest gateau huel’! That’s become my go-to recipe huel now, tho when I can get decent fresh pineapple (ones I bought recently went from unripe to mouldy in 24 hrs! Annoying!) that’s very good blended into huel with a grating of fresh ginger.

Anyway from 1x 1scoop shake a day, I’ve now progressed to 2x 2 scoop shakes, one for breakfast, usually flavoured with coffee & sugar free vanilla syrup, & then the cherry cacao one for lunch - tho I tend to split each shake in 2 & drink early & late morn & then early & late afternoon. This has the added benefit of keeping me going & giving me energy to make a proper healthy dinner when I get home… 1 scoop of huel a day was great for me, but 4 spaced out is even better & because I’m having more huel calories, it’s made me mind my real food calories a lot more, but because I’m not hungry & craving stuff & I feel so fantastic, I’m not getting obsessed or unhealthy about it… Huel has slotted right into my life & is doing me so much good, directly & indirectly!

Other benefits I’ve found are my skin is looking much better, I’m still sleeping well & waking up easily, my clothes & the mirror tell me I’m still losing weight, which is great but I’m happy to focus more on the overall improvement to my wellbeing with huel, which has been significant!

Oh & another thing I’ve noticed is that because I just don’t want sweet things anymore besides huel, when I did have my first biscuit in a month last night… A chocolate hobnob!.. It was so sugary & sweet that it took me a few mins to eat it all & I deffo didn’t want another. Pre-huel me could easily polish off a whole pack of biscuits… Huel is definitely some strange kind of voodoo, I’m telling you! :joy::joy::joy: