New Huel drinker(?)

Hi All,

Just thought I’d drop in and say Hi. I’ve order a batch to try, with the main aim to improve my breakfast and lunch routine at work, instead of eating junk irregularly. If by straightening that out I shift some weight, then great.

Got my first delivery today, two bags of Vanilla. My intention is to start with breakfasts, then phase in lunches as well, having a “normal” main meal in the evening, and likely the weekends off. However today, as I wanted to try it, and I’d eaten a main meal at lunch, had my first go for dinner.

It wasn’t an amazing success to be honest. I’ve not done any kind of shakes before, so I’m putting it down to a major learning curve.
The first thing that struck me was the strength of the Vanilla flavour, and it seemed almost toffee like. I made up the recipe that’s suggested in the booklet as a starter, and clearly didn’t shake it anywhere near hard enough or long enough. My first few mouthfuls were full of lumps. So, much shaking later, and a whisk up with a fork and I managed to smooth it out so it was much better to drink. Unfortunately the lumps, combined with how different it is to anything I’ve ever had meant the taste totally overwhelmed me. I ended up stirring in some coffee to tame it.

I think straight from the tap isn’t cold enough, so I need to make some ice up, and I also think I’ll make up tomorrow’s and leave it in the fridge overnight. I’ve got the sample pack of flavour boosts, I think I’ll make up the mocha one. I’ll see how that goes shaker made, then maybe try blending.

Up side, it seems to have left me feeling comfortably “full up”, so I think it’s just a case of cracking on, and finding what works for me now! I love cherries, and have a load in the freezer. I think I’ll try them in one soon.

Thanks for reading my ramblings if you got this far!



I think you have the right idea - use a blender to solve the lump problem (although the shaker is good enough if you shake really well with only half a shaker of water, then add more water and shake again, then use the grill to stop any little lumps making it to your mouth!).
Also fridging it overnight makes a massive difference - you will be suprised how much this reduces the sweetness and makes it much more pleasant.
I agree that the vanilla tastes much more like vanilla toffee - lots of people have said this.
Personally I like to do 50/50 vanilla and unflavoured to reduce the toffee flavour and the sweetness, or you could try Original which does not have the toffee taste, but does have quite a strong sucralose twang to it - I would still mix it with the unflavoured to make it less sweet, personally.

Try the mint choc - if you like the flavour boost in the sample pack, I would highly recommend getting a bag of mint choc premix which is delicious!


Well, just shaken up a mocha boosted 3 scoop mix for tomorrow, so it will have a good 8.5 hour chill now. I’ll make the mint choc my next taster.

I couldn’t be bothered to fish the blender out from the back of the cupboard this evening, it’s a big glass one. I may get one of those small Breville blend active blenders. I like the idea of the convenience of blending in the vessel you drink from.

I’ll keep persevering, I really think this could be what I need to kick start me onto a more healthy road.

The mocha booster is delicious !
I hope you enjoy it.
If you find it’s too thick (or too strong flavoured still) in the morning, you could try adding a little more water.
I actually quite like it fairly watery. I was making it far too thick for my first few attempts. Some people like a nice thick shake though.
It’ll take a few attempts before you find your ideal blend.


Wow, overnight in the fridge changes things radically. That and the Mocha booster made for a decent breakfast this morning. 2 hours later I’m still very full which is exactly what I was hoping. It wouldn’t be unusual for me to be snacking around now.

Definitely need to get the blender out though. That’s tonight’s job.


Good to see you’re enjoying Huel. You’re in good company here :grin:

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So far so good, but will take some getting used to.
I think if I order a repeat batch, I’d consider the U/U as the Vanilla very sweet for two meals a day.


Yes, it’s good to have different options. I often mix vanilla (original or new) 50/50 with UU. Also UU is good to use for savoury flavours. Not that I have tried any yet, but am toying with the idea of making a Huel and Quorn curry with homemade curry powder and UU. Wish me luck! :grinning::crossed_fingers:

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I thought I’d thrown in my opinion! I’ve only been using Huel for about 2 weeks now. I’ve got Coffee and U/U. I started off by using a blender after reading all the comments on forums. After about a week I was struggling to get over a really bitter aftertaste from U/U. This week I’ve just been using the shaker and IMO the taste is so much better! I’ve found that adding 400-450ml rather than the prescribed 600ml water gives (for me) a perfect texture and keeps me full for longer!

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Blended with a hand blender last night, with two teaspoons of bournevile cocoa powder, 3 scoops Huel and 600ml water. Then in the morning added 3 large ish ice cubes.

Wow, totally different, and delicious, was gutted when it ran out!!

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