1st Delivery of Huel, 1 Taste of Huel, I nearly threw up

All Joking aside I ordered the Vanilla and Coffee flavours, I was excited when it arrived so I instantly made my first shake (with a blender). I tried the coffee flavour first and after two sips I had to genuinely fight the urge to throw up! I thought it might of been the coffee flavour so I poured it down the sink and tried vanilla and had the exact same response! I am not a fussy eater and have stomached hundreds of cheap protein shakes but I cannot see how this is meant to be drinkable.

Please help me I feel like I have wasted £50… any flavour modifications/suggestions ???

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There are loads of flavour suggestions - just stick it in the search box.

Many people prefer it refrigerated overnight, although that is not always practical.


Was it the consistency of it that made it taste thick or was it more the taste.

The mix I’ve ended up going with is 400 on the metre then 1.5 scoops blend then another hundred then I put two ice cubes in and stick it in the fridge for 10 minutes.
When I get it out I tend to shake it I did really struggle with the taste at first though.

I’m not really sure what happened just at some point I started to really like it I think it took a couple of days

I feel like the grainy consistency may be the main reason, but I used a blender as suggested by many people and that hasn’t helped.

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Try making one with a more fluid consistency so let’s say 500 to 1.5 scoops try that with the plain flavour and see how that is 500 to 1.5 is quite liquidy that’s what I have I can’t have it too thick at all

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I did buy one of those flavour things to put in from the supermarket the one Madagascan syrup and there was another one let me go have a look

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Thank you, I will give that a go in the morning and let you know the outcome. I’m too scared to give it another go tonight haha!

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This is the thing I used it while I was waiting for the mint choc flavour to arrive lol the mint choc was a game changer for me really nice like having a mint aero drink but I really think from what you said having a more liquid consistency might help I’m even tempted to say put 500 in 1.5 of a scoop then blend it and add even more water and then shake it

I will pick some of that up as well as changing the portion size and hopefully together that might work, Thanks again!!!

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Not a problem the huel people do a little sampler pack same you can get to try all the different flavours let me try to find it for you one second

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Fortunately for me, I am really enjoying my New Vanilla and Berry Huel. Whether I add extra flavour or not. I mix 2 scoops in 400ml water then put in the fridge for a few hours. The UU is a bit different. I prefer that with frozen mixed berries or a banana.

Stick with it and try different flavours and consistency !

2 scoops and 300ml water for me … shake and down in one or two gulps !

I also add flavour occasionally such and monin coffee syrups or flavours from the baking isle (salted caramel is soooo nice )

Thank you all for your help, I am please to say that 500ml water and 1 and a half scoops of hurl refrigerated overnight has done the trick!!!


Hey there, really sorry you had such an extreme response to your Huel :frowning:

If that’s the case then the refrigeration is the solution for you. This smooths it out totally.

Great to hear that’s worked, it would be good for you to work up to a slightly higher amount of Huel as I imagine that is super watery and isn’t all that many calories - so you might get a bit hungry. Keep us posted.

Never that keen on hurl in the morning…but each to their own.

Fantastic I’m really pleased that worked for you, as Tim says that will not be a lot of calories for you so ideally you want to look at increasing the scoops.
You could either have two shakes of 1.5 split between to 500 mils that would equal a litre of water be careful not to over hydrate obviously.

Or you could possibly try 600 or 700 ml with two scoops it’s all about finding the happy medium that you are comfortable with as Tim has said also refrigeration might help a lot I tend to throw two ice cubes in when I’ve mixed it and then stick it in the fridge for 20 minutes and come back in a bit but that’s just me.