Yet another Newbie

Hi all,

Another Newbie to Huel here, and have to say, I’m glad to be a part of it :grin:. Having had my first shake using New Vanilla, I find it to be delicious, though I’m going to try Original tomorrow, and compare.

I did make with 3 scoops, but pretty sure I’d make it with 4 in the future, or is that just my greedy nature ruling over me :joy:

My idea is to replace Breakfast + Lunch with Huel, opting for a normal dinner in the evening. I rarely get time to eat breakfast, and I always spend a fortune on lunch, only for me to be disturbed and not finish it.

And so my journey begins, wish me luck fellow Huelers…


Welcome mate good luck keep us posted!

Welcome to the club! Looking forward to hearing about your experiences with Huel!

I’m curious about what you will think of the Original.

I was a New Vanilla girl but recently tried the Original. I thought those two are really different!! And I think I will stick to the Original. Also it looked to me that the Original mixes better but I’m not sure…

Fast forward 9 months and I’m back! Not long after my original post I gave up Huel, as I found it wasn’t filling me.

However several weeks ago I placed an order for some Original Vanilla & U/U, some flavour boosters (Mint Choc & Cacao) and some Cocoa bars. I wanted to reintroduce Huel back into my life, with the same intentions of replacing Breakfast & Lunch.

This time though, I’m trying to use more, between around 125-150g per serving. Don’t know if that’s working yet, as I’ve been auditioning it against competitors (Queal - Yum, Saturo - Yum, JimmyJoy - Na)

I am going to try and persevere this time round, and maybe try the granola, as I feel that may make a more filling brekkie for me. We’ll see how it goes :metal:


Ok, so reached the end of Huel Bags, wondering what to order next, still also trying to experiment with the amounts I use, I’m a very hard man to satisfy :rofl:. Don’t think I’ll order U/U again.

Eyeing up Chocolate & Coffee, but seen the mixed reactions on those, tempted to order ‘New’ Vanilla, as remember enjoying it, but can’t recall the taste. Also the granola is tempting me! Decisions decisions


Welcome back!!