New to Huel - Taking the plunge!

Hi all,

So after a couple of weeks research and many nights of deliberation I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and join the movement!

I have ordered 2 bags - 1 new vanilla, 1 original vanilla, banana & chocolate boosters (already wondering whether to also pick up mint choc), 2 scoops, additional frosted shaker.

FB: Ordering could be made slightly easier with adding additional products without having to go out again looking for accessories/flavour boosts.

Also picked up a random discount code online. That guy must be raking in the discounts haha!

I have been on my own personal development/fitness/lifestyle change journey for 270 days and will be documenting my experience with Huel when it arrives tomorrow at

I have already been using my nutribullet most mornings so already accustomed to meal substituting in the morning at least. I’ll start there and build myself up.

Also been using MyFitnessPal to create a calorie deficit to engage fat loss.

Is there anything I’ve missed that I need? I’ve held off for the granola though did pick up the cacao orange (my fav Nakd bar flavour) Huel Bars too, so look forward to trying those.

Any other good tips or toppings to improve taste? Palatability?

I look forward to connecting with you all!

Roll on tomorrow!



Hello :slight_smile:

I’m pretty new to Huel myself. Only halfway through my third bag but I love the stuff. Hopefully, you will too.

I bought the Flavour boost sample pack with my first order (currently sold out as far as I can see) and loved the toffee one. Personally though, I like Huel just as much without adding any flavours. I’m using the new vanilla version. Some seem to find it too sweet but I like it and really don’t find it sweet at all. If you do think that you’re going to be needing some added flavour, I’d definitely give the toffee a try. I found it to be delicious.

You might find that you need to do a bit of experimenting to get the consistency of your Huel right for you. If you use three scoops, it can be a bit thick. I add three scoops to 400ml of water, shake it like crazy for a few seconds, add another 100ml of water then shake like crazy again. The end result is perfect for me. Not to thick, not too runny.

Good luck and I look forward to reading about how you get on!

Thanks for your reply.

Yes did want to try the multi flavour boost pack however wasn’t in stock. Same with strawberry.

So will see how I get on and adapt accordingly.

I’ve noticed that little and often works well with me. So will probably aim for 3 x 2 scoops throughout the day to try and avoid snacking then have a balanced dinner.

I’m currently running 3 times a week with Nike Run Club with a half marathon plan. Though would like to start to add more weights in as I go.

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Hey, I’ve just started too. Still adjusting to the new thing that my guts are slowly accepting :D, it’s my first “shake-food”, but already love Huel! :slight_smile:


Oh! :confused: Does it take some getting used to? Some of the review said it can make you quite flatulent. :smiley:

It depends on how your body reacts to sudden changes. :slight_smile: I have a very sensitive bowel even without Huel, and that’s the first time I try “liquid food” like this. So I’m taking it slowly. Of course all that fibers and peas are great for flatulence :smile: , but I hope it will also improve health :slight_smile:

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How are you getting on with the Huel? :slightly_smiling_face:

Sad when people take the trouble to post then disappear without further feedback :thinking: