So far so great!

I decided to get Huel as it seemed to be a low cost way of getting good nutrition and so far (day 2) I’m enjoying it! I’m only on 1 a day to ease into it but hoping to go up to 2 a day after a week or so.

I ordered a month’s worth of Vanilla 2.1 and the banana flavour system. I’m glad I got the banana because the normal vanilla flavour isn’t quite to my taste.

With the banana flavouring though, it’s tasty and weirdly more-ish. Just ordered some other flavours so I can change it up, but just wanted to post my experience up to now for anyone who’s considering starting.
Hopefully I’ll keep posted on this for anyone interested :slight_smile:

I’ve been on the vanilla flavor for 32 days now and still enjoying it; occasionally I’ll mix it with some cinnamon or coffee.

I’ve been toying with the idea of trying a flavour packet; I’ll go for the banana once when I make my next order thanks to your review.

I’m not sure what it was about vanilla that I didn’t like, think it just tasted like it needed something.
I’ve seen lots of people saying that adding coffee works but I hate coffee so not for me haha.

I’ve ordered chocolate and also toffee so I’ll post what I think about them. Word of warning though, my mum tried my banana Huel (4 grams of banana to 125g of Huel) and said it was far too sweet so maybe only add 1 or 2 grams for starters

Not too keen on the idea of chocolate but toffee also has my interest; let me know how you find it.

The pineapple and Coconut flavour pouch is lovely - very refreshing!

I use it with the unsweetened and unflavoured currently but will need to try it with my vanilla :slight_smile:

I was intreagued by that, and Rhubarb & Custard, but I don’t want to waste money on risky flavours haha. I know it’s been mentioned a lot but they really should do a trial pack of all the different flavours


Day 3 and for lunch today I had 125g with 65g of real banana and a tablespoon of cinnamon. Really tasty and kept me full from 12 to 4:30.

The main thing I’ve noticed so far is that I have a lot more energy than before so I’ve been getting out running again, as well as going to the gym 5 days a week (which I was doing anyway).

Going to move up to 2 a day tomorrow, I’ll post what I think of chocolate and toffee flavours :slight_smile:

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Day 4 and I had chocolate for breakfast which was nice, not very chocolatey but still tasted good.

I’m so so happy with Huel right now, have more energy and it fills me for several hours at a time, which I really didn’t expect.

I’ve bought some frozen fruit to add tomorrow and also bought some powdered high protein peanut butter to try. I’ll let you guys know what I make of it :slight_smile:

@Tinks had toffee for dinner just now and it was enjoyable but wasn’t too different from normal vanilla so don’t think I’d bother if you like vanilla.

Nice one on the feedback; I’ve ordered some sugar free coffee syrups actually from amazon so I’m going to give those a go mixed in with my huel.

Satisfied with vanilla right now though and the occasional coffee or chai tea used for flavoring. It’s been 34 days for me and I believe Huel will now be a core part of my diet for the rest of my life.

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It’s great that there seems to be so many different things that work for people. I’m really glad that I took the punt on it, I agree with you that (so far) I think I’ll use it for a long time.

One I’ve used the flavour systems I think I’m going to try and focus more on more natural flavourings like fruit and cinnamon. I wish I liked coffee cause it seems to work for most people haha

I use cinnamon powder and it’s great

Another idea I’ve had is to brew some fruit tea, let it go cold and try that mixed with vanilla. It works great with Chai tea.

I actually just tried a mix of cold mint tea that I brewed earlier and Vanilla Huel… It was not one I’d endorse. Yuck.

Yeah cinnamon with half a banana was lovely!
I’m not really into tea so I’ll probably give that a miss. This powdered peanut butter I added tasted pretty good when I blended, gotta wait till the morning to find out!


It is good with powdered peanut butter…I use that quite often.

The peanut butter powder was okay, I think to make it really tasty I’d have to add too much which would make it less healthy.

Had banana flavour system and half a tablespoon of cinnamon for breakfast today, easily my favourite combination!

Still going well, it’s keeping me full for 4+ hours and I have so much more energy still, which is helping me to run and go to the gym. Going to keep trying new flavours to mix it up

So I’ve been having Huel twice a day for a few days now and found that my energy has dropped quite a lot.

Also the last 2 days I’ve had this massive urge to eat actual food (which I indulged :sweat: ). Not sure what’s happened but I’ve found that while I don’t really feel hungry on Huel, I haven’t felt satisfied for the last few days. Maybe it’s the psychological aspect of not actually eating for 2 out of 3 meals a day.

Anyway I’m going to drop down to 1 a day again and replace my breakfast Huel with my usual breakfast of porridge, I’ll let you guys know how it goes :slight_smile:

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Thumbs up for the addition of powdered PB, works a a treat and tastes great!


So I’m back on the Huel 2 meals a day, with porridge for breakfast. I’m definitely feeling better about it again and although I feel a bit hungry at night, I can cope with that as I’ve got energy again

Just my two cents, but I’d change it up a bit for Breakfast - Huel is, after all, largely comprised of oats. Some variation may be good for you.

I tried huel for breakfast and lunch with a healthy meal for dinner but that seemed to leave me more hungry for some reason.

Plus porridge and Huel is so cheap and I’m a student so… :joy:

I do add some vegan protein powder to my porridge though, it’s really low sugar and makes it taste good

Wow thanks, I didn’t know that. Just checked and mine is Cassia. I only use 1-2g when I have it, and I don’t use it every day so shouldn’t had done any damage, but the rest of it is going in the bin haha