New beginnings

Hi Huelers
After spending some time.Sorry,’ a lot of time, researching Huel I decided to give it a go. My first thoughts were deciding wether or not I was going to use Huel simply for a tool to loose weight or as a complete new way of making my life more easy at meal times. Anyway I decided on the vanilla flavour with the mocha flavouring to begin with because I thought I needed the sweetness to get through this big change in nutrition to my life.
Well I’m in my second week now and I must say I really like this product. I started the first week having one meal a day for 7 days, first day was a bit windy but apart from that I felt "normal"so halfway through the first week I was ordering another two flavours ( banana & Cacao),the banana flavour is great but I’m not convinced about the cacao simply because I personally think it tastes like the vanilla. The sweetness of the Vanilla can be a little overpowering but this soon disappears after a short wile (I will be trying the unsweetened version with my next order) but I won’t be trying the Vanilla & Bannana Mixed with soya milk which I’m trying to force down my throat at this moment "YACK"
I do like the whole concept of the Huel way so I would like to continue using this for the foreseeable future however I did read on the forum that some of the people using this had problems because it clashed with their social lives which I’m experiencing now in such a short time of me starting using Huel also I’m about to go on my summer Holliday abroad but time will tell.
Anyway since converting to Huel I’ve lost 1 1/2 pounds so I should look ok at the side of the swimming pool.


thank you for posting under my thread. Your experiences are very interesting for me. I just ordered 3bags vanilla and 1 w/I flavoring. No additional sweeteners or flavors or something. I think I’m going to replace 2 meals a day with Huel and just have a look how my body is going to react.
I am going to tell you :slight_smile: