I am new... hello!

Hi guys, I am another newbie.

I’ve been looking to lose a few pounds and I liked the idea of a well-balanced, calorie-counted meal with minimal effort. I’ve been having Huel for breakfasts and I like it so far - great not having to make any decisions or do much prep. I got the Black starter pack so I have one of chocolate and one of vanilla. So far making the shake the night before and leaving it in the fridge to chill and thicken is definitely the way forward for me. I think I prefer the vanilla to the chocolate.

I’m struggling a bit with fatigue when I try to go running but I think this is a general cutting calories thing rather than a Huel thing. I’m annoyed as I am not losing much yet but I guess I will just have to stick with it a bit as has only been a couple of weeks.

I’m also thinking if the heatwave continues I will be a lot more likely to want a cold Huel than mess around trying to make food or go anywhere near the hob.

I’ll be needing to order some more in a couple weeks, trying to decide whether to try v3.0 next time, especially as there are more flavours available. Banana sounds good. And I might get the flavour boost selection pack as well.

Look forward to chatting with you!


Welcome to the forum! Don’t worry too much about your short term losses, keep your eyes on the prize