My HUEL experience so far

Hi all.

I have just finished my first week of HUEL and would love to share my experience.

Myself and my girlfriend have been having a shake for breakfast (Banana is my favourite so far!) and a shake for lunch. We then have a normal healthy dinner of around 600/700 calories. Our goal is to trim down weight as well as improve our overall health.

The first couple of days were a bit of a struggle. We did get dizzy spells and lack of energy, but this is the same with any new diet and a big drop in calories. After a few days we quickly adjusted and had new found energy!

It’s only been a week but we are already feeling much tighter in our body and energetic. We have also lost a couple of pounds each which is brilliant. Looking to lose around a stone each.

I’m so impressed, the two deliveries we’ve had have also been flawless, next day by DPD!

My favourite flavour is Banana, followed closely by chocolate. Vanilla and mint chocolate are also great. Can’t find a fault with any of them! Banana is a must though as it truly reminds me of a real banana fruit shake.

I had always seen HUEL advertised for years but glad I finally took the plunge and tried it. I have been telling all my friends and family about it. Since it’s only £30-40 for your first order you have nothing to lose.

Looking forward to many more shakes to come! I will update this forum in a month or so with our weight loss progress.

Thanks HUEL!

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I love the different flavours but really like Vanilla and U/U as I can customise them with so many different things. Think frozen fruits for starters. Then :green_apple::apple::pear::banana::strawberry::cherries::peach::pineapple::coconut::chocolate_bar::chestnut::peanuts::honey_pot::milk_glass::coffee::ice_cube:. Just works with so many things. Try honey, frozen black cherries, and dark chocolate :chocolate_bar: for a Black Forest gateaux. Or instant coffee :coffee: for the morning fix.


try mixing banana and chocolate

one scoop each


trust me on that!

Will be working with real fruit soon! Thank you :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: i didn’t even think of mixing flavours… will try that today!! Thank you

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I like chocolate+vanilla. I think chocolate+vanilla+banana might work.

I like how you type HUEL as if you’re shouting it. I just tried shouting it, and it’s a very unsatisfying word to shout. It helps a bit if you really separate the syllables (hyou-ell!) but honestly I don’t recommend it for shouting fans.

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Hey Josh, great to hear from you! It sounds like you’re adjusting to your lower calorie diet really well. Keep it up!

Have you worked out each of your Basal Metabolic Rates? You can do this with a calorie calculator. I say that because it sounds like you’re eating around 1200-1300 calories each per day, which might be too little for you. It’s doubtful you both have the exact same basal metabolic rates so if you use a calculator like this and take off 500kcal from the end result, that’s how many calories you should be eating per day!

I might have misunderstood though! Apologies if so :blush:

@david at his place shouting variations of ‘HUEL’


Hi Tim! Nice to hear from you too :slight_smile: I tried the chocolate/banana mix yesterday so now I love HUEL even more! Haha.

Don’t worry, we did use calorie calculators. I forgot to mention healthy snacks in between!

I’m on around 2000 calories a day and my girlfriend is on 1500. (She said it’s very unfair that men get 500 extra a day) :grin:

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