Just got my first Huel today!

Very excited that my Huel arrived today around lunch time. I’m quite busy, commute to work, get lazy about cooking and so eat terribly. I decided to jump right in. I checked the forums and then made a mix I thought sounded appealing. I’m an average sized, averagely active female (5’5, 135-140lbs, 30 years old) so I ended up going for two smaller portions and mixing with milk and a bit of cocoa powder. Aiming for a total of about 1400-1600 calories a day at this point. As I get more active may up that to 1800.

First trial: 40g Huel, tsp cocoa powder, 200ml Milk - quite smooth and surprisingly nice tasting overall. Really reminded me of chocolate protein shake. A little more runny than I would have liked and have to factor in extra calories from the milk. Was a nice snack to tide me over

Second trial: 50g Huel, tsp cocoa powder, 200ml semi-skimmed milk - a bit thicker and more the consistency I would prefer. Just as nice as the first time.

I used a shaker, so did run into a few clumps, but nothing I haven’t encountered with a protein shake and nothing that tasted particularly unpleasant. Overall, with milk would be about 554 calories. I’ll try it for breakfast in the morning as well, but plan to try and eat a “real” dinner most nights. This is more for ease of occasional meals and making sure I’m more nutritionally balanced than major weight loss.

Hoping that I will actually use the whole thing, planning to get back into the gym, as recently i’ve just been walking and cycling, but not doing any heavy duty workouts, so will probably mix in some protein shakes and things as I add in additional exercise and up my calorie intake a bit. It’s all an experiment!


Welcome to the Huel community.

To continue to document…I have been having some headaches since I started Huel. I’m prone to headaches/migraines anyway, but noticed it more. Been eating it for breakfast and lunch, but mainly because it’s easy to grab and go.

I’m a dancer and had a big workshop weekend and so having the grab and go of huel was handy, the energy was great as I can tell it’s a bit more balanced than my normal snack or breakfast pastry…

Will look around on here more to see about headaches, or if it’s just me.

I have two suggestions, firstly make sure you are getting the right amount of calories. Double check you calculations. Secondly, up your fluid intake. These two issues might help the headaches. If not please let me know. Good luck.

Thanks so much @Julian , I sometimes do get distracted from drinking enough water, so that might be it.

Here is some more info on headaches: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Headache/Pages/Introduction.aspx

Tense headaches:

The exact cause is unclear, but tension headaches have been linked to things such as stress, poor posture, skipping meals and dehydration.

A good number of people experience headaches when starting Soylent, and I assume Huel is the same. The most prevalent theories are the difference in potassium, or the difference in sodium, from their previous diets to their Huel/Soylent diet.

In every case, they gradually diminish in a few days to a week.

Mine disappeared after about three days. Mine were very low grade, like when you are slightly hungover, or when you don’t have your morning coffee when you are used to the caffeine.

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