Starting Huel - Newbie

Hi all,

Just about to start my Huel Journey, could use some help as I’m not very good with things like this,
I’m 5’5, 10.5 stones/147lbs, male, 27 - I don’t do much exercise but I’m starting to run for 15 minutes every morning with some bodyweight exercises (pushups/pullups/squats), my job is desk based and i don’t do any other physical activity.

My new food diary looks like this:

Banana/Protein Shake
Huel Granola with whole milk
Pasta Salad with 2 whole eggs
Handful omega seeds
Handful cacao nibs
Huel Shake (125g)
Total Calories - 1700kcal (49%carbs/32% protein/19% fats)

I’m looking to shape up, so not lose or gain weight , just get the abs back that I had 5 years ago lol.

  1. Does my diet look okay with the introduction of Huel?
  2. Is there anything I’m missing or too much of something?
  3. I drink 2l of water everyday - with the introduction of Huel, will this be too much water intake and how will it affect my bowels? :smiley:
  4. Is 1700 calories enough or will I feel tired?

Thanks in advance for the help and i’m excited to join you guys on the Huel journey!

You could make a big saving on your fat intake by using semi-skimmed or even skimmed milk with your Huel granola.

And skip the cheese ??

I prefer to have 4-5 smaller shakes of 2 scoops in 300 ml water than one or two bigger / thicker shakes

Same here, I always have 2 scoops. It works out around 280 calories.

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I’m happy with the ratios of 50carbs 30 protein and 20fat.

Is 125g huel too much in one sitting?

Depends how long a sitting it is ??

Personally I prefer to make, shake and chug my huel as quickly as possible …, So all done within a minute !!

I wouldn’t skip the cheese. Good fats right there - in moderation

You’re not going to gain visible abs without losing bodyfat and therefore losing weight. “Toning up” is an industry myth, an easy sell.