Let the Journey Begin

Morning all,

so after seeing the facebook advert and then deciding to look into and do some research into Huel I decided to give it a whirl, that and I have just got back from a couple of holidays and weekends away where my diet has been pretty horrific and starting to make me feel lethargic and lacking in any motivation.

I’m hoping Huel will help this out, prior to holiday I wasn’t to bad at meal prepping but rarely ate any breakfast, my plan is to have 2 x 3 scoop shake a day for breakfast and lunch followed by a healthy diet Monday to Friday, then try not to go crazy on the weekend.

a lot of people have been saying how full it keeps them so hopefully I will be ok on just the 2 shakes though if I get hungry i’ll look to introduce some snacks (boiled eggs, nuts and cottage cheese)

I’m starting at 123Kg with the aim to get down to around 100kg, once I settle into the Huel routine i’ll look to get back into the gym as well,

hopefully this forum will be a source of motivation for me on the journey, I first aim is to hit 110kg by Christmas.

has anyone got handy hints or advice on things they found useful that it would be good for a newbie to know.

cheers everyone

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I always blend my Huel shakes in blender and cool in fridge for at least 1 hour before drinking. Consistency and taste is better when doing this. Also I occasionally put a bit of decaf coffee in for change in Flavour.

Beyond that I would recommend downloading something like MyFitnessPal and tracking calories if you have weight loss in mind. Very useful. I have 800cal worth of Huel a day and make up my additional 650cal with normal food, tracking with the app.

With that said I would also say to invest in some kitchen scales…I got a cheap set off amazon, around £8. I weight my Huel as the scoop isn’t accurate if you want to calorie count.

Good luck on your weight loss journey.

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Hello, good luck with your journey! :slight_smile:

I agree with juyaib. I don’t blend every shake, but I love blending fruit with Huel, it’s absolutely amazing. Also, yes refrigerated Huel is far better.

I may also suggest, maybe with the next order, to test Granola for breakfast: in my case drinking a full shake (100gr with 500 ml of water for me) takes more time than I usually have in the morning (someone can drink it in seconds, I prefere to sip it), and I also prefer crunching something after waking up. :slight_smile:

Take your time to adjust to Huel (don’t go 2 meals a day from day 1, especially if you had a diet poor of fibers before, it can trigger problems :stuck_out_tongue: ), find your perfect mix (some like more water, some less), and enjoy it! :slight_smile:

Hi Rob - I started at a similar weight (118-118.5kg) in early June, replacing 1-2 meals (either breakfast, or breakfast and dinner) with 2-3 scoops, plus have 1-2 “normal” meals. Works really well and I’m down to 115kgs - intermediate goal is 100kg and long-term goal more in the area of 78kg.

I think calorie counting is really useful (I’m using MyFitnessPal, as many do in this forum), and Huel keeps me full and satisfied for a long longer than a similar amount of calories eaten via a different type of meal. Good luck!

Hi Vash,

Sounds very similar to me. I’m also using the MyFitnessPal app to count calories. Only a couple of days in but I’m already pretty I pressed with Huel. Tastes good and though I do get hunger feelings I think it is just more me adjusting and trying not to snack. I try to just drink water or have a green tea and that seems to take the hunger away.

Good luck and I hope you reach your goal without too much trouble.

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Yep. Weirdly, I stopped snacking (though I’ve had an “almond moment” the other day - 10 almonds eaten slowly have just 70kcal, and they’re full of protein and “good” fat, so very much recommend almonds). Take your time, count your calories and steps, and then it’s just a matter of patience. :slight_smile: Good luck - you got this!