New Start with )73@

Hey guys, today I placed my first order for 2 bags of Huel and was wondering if you could share some advice please.

I am around 5’9 and weigh around 13 stone, can’t seem to get the time to get to gyms with my busy job and new puppy shredding my house lol.

My idea is to use Huel for Breakfast and Lunch wherever possible with a normal evening meal.

Can you let me know what would be the best amount of powder to use per shake. One scoop/two etc.

I plan to use the blender to make the consistence nice and smooth and maybe throw some fresh fruit in if needed.

Also any tips would be gratefully received.

Thanks guys.

You sound very similar to me. Same height, similar weight.

I use 3 scoops per shake/meal as advised in the pack that arrives with the product.

Using blender is a great idea. I don’t have one, but wish I did. When I work very hard with mixing it tastes better.

Use a tiny bit of chocolate power and chill it before you eat if you can. Makes it taste great. Nearly like ice cream!

I could always add a few ice cubes to make it nice and cold I guess…Or keep a big bottle of very cold water
Good luck!

Start with 3 scoops to 500ml of water. That will give you a decent sized ‘meal’. Then just add or remove water to your liking.

Try mixing vanilla with the unsweetened & unflavoured bags to dial down the sweetness of the vanilla bags.

Or use coffee or cinnamon to mix it up a bit.

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I found ice didn’t work too well at chilling the whole thing. Overnight in the fridge is working for me well.


Thanks guys, had first shake this morning, one scoop rest water, I like the taste. Used a matrix blender and it was fine. Water was nice cold too so that helped I’m sure.

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Id recommend some scales (mine were £8 off Amazon) that way you know exactly how many calories you’re having, and a blender, I use Nutribullet, purely because we had one already when I started using Huel, and I usually try and make it the evening before and store in the fridge overnight.

Hi guys, thought i’d give you all an update…So it looks as though I have been “Hueling” now for about 6 weeks.

Sticking to the regime pretty well, had my second order of Huel through a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d go for the Gluten free option (Missus is Gluten Intolerant) went for a bag of vanilla and a bag of plain. (Yuck!) Had to place an order for a couple of sets of flavour boosts for the plain as it is horrible lol.

I have definately lost weight…How much I don’t know as I mentioned…Not a fan of concentrating on numbers…Just what I can see…(Wish I had bought scales and kept track of how much I’ve lost, I would say somewhere around half a stone maybe?) Does that sound about right?

I’m particularly motivated lately as a suit I couldnt get in fits me again…So now with newfound commitment, I have dropped the booze, and added a little bit of weight training to my morning schedule…Wake up…10 minutes high impact weight lifting, then Huel.

Tips I’ve picked up so far:

Mix Vanilla with almost any frozen fruit (Using blender) works great, strawberrys, cherries, blueberrys etc.
Mix Unflavoured with a bit of vanilla and a flavour boost.

Im using one and a half scoops twice a day with a proper evening meal. NOW WITH NO BOOZE!

Huel on.

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Be careful not to have too few calories a day.
I’m around the same height & weight as you & the advice I’ve been given to lose 1lb a week, is to consume 1830 calories a day. This equates to around 12 scoops of Huel a day. I actually use 3 scoops 3 times a day and have a solid food dinner & still come out under that target.

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