New to Huel - advice for a first-timer

Hi all,

I’ve decided to give Huel a go. I’m planning to replace my breakfast and lunch with it and have a portion-controlled dinner in the evening. Would love some tips for how to get the most out of my Huel from the community. I’ve gone for 6 vanilla + 2 unsweetened, as well as a cacao flavour pouch.

Why am I using Huel? I’m really keen to get fit again - I’m overweight and I want to cut back and I believe by having Huel for 2 out of 3 meals a day, I should be able to cut back sufficiently to help reduce my calorie intake and lose weight.

If you were starting Huel again from day 1 - what would you do differently?


I started today and 1 thing I would do is go for 2 scoops instead of 3 for your first with the 600ml of water. The 3 scoops has taken me nearly 3 hours to drink as it’s very filling and thick and it’s pretty intense. So start off light.

Also from my reading don’t go full on in your first week as it’ll upset your tummy :slight_smile:

Amazing, thanks Lauren. It’s arriving imminently so will take your advice!

When I started, I was making mine in the evening (100g of Vanilla with 500ml in a blender) then leaving it in the fridge overnight. I’d take them to work the next day (usually 2 shakers), put in the work fridge then drink when hungry.

I was making them up by adding things like cacao powder, banana, frozen fruit etc. (not all together), to put some variety in the flavour.

However, as time as gone on I’ve gotten a bit lazy! Most of my shakes now are made up work, and are either plain vanilla or vanilla with either strawberry/cacao/banana flavouring. I take my shaker in containing the power, add cold water from the chilled water dispenser at work, give it a shake and off I go. I bought some metal shaker balls off of Amazon to help blend it up.

As to what I’d do differently from the start? Get a sealable easy to open container that you can pour the whole bag of Huel into, that’s nice and wide so you can get the scoop in and out of without making any mess. Something like this:

Amazing, thanks Dan - that’s really helpful advice. I’ll look into getting
one of those boxes!

Definitely leave them in the fridge overnight! I hated the aftertaste of my first one but fridging totally gets rid of it!

I’ve added powdered peanut butter which was decent but the added calories weren’t so great.
Cinnamon and a banana works for me!

I didn’t think the toffee flavour powder really tasted of much so I wouldn’t say that’s worth the money.
Hope that helps a little :slight_smile:

Use chilled bottled water and ice cubes for your first few.

Amazing, thanks all for your help! I’m mainly having Huel at work and
luckily the fridge has ice cubes so I’ll be using those! Think I’ll have to
get into a routine: every time I have a meal I need to remake it and pop it
in the fridge for the next meal. I’ll try that out tomorrow and see how it

First meal wasn’t too bad - took Lauren’s advice and just went for the two
scoops to begin with which worked well. Filled me up enough until dinner.

There’s a blender at work - how much better is it if you blend it? Is it
worth the mess and effort?

I won’t drink it unless blended but that’s just me. And also as per previous posters I blend the night before and fridge it. Defo worth a try!

Yeah I’ve just had my second one and I do find quite a few lumpy bits in
it. Will try blending it tomorrow and see what it’s like. My lunch time
meal is in the fridge so hopefully it’ll be nice and cool by the time I get
to it.

Just thought I’d update everyone onto where I’m at - I’ve been loving Huel these past two weeks and it’s been great for having something cheap and healthy for lunch and for breakfast.

I tried experimenting with it a bit and kneaded the powder with some water and made some flat bread which was pretty cool, though I used the vanilla powder and it was a savoury meal.

Blending is a definite must for it, as well as making sure it’s been chilled properly. Makes a MASSIVE difference!

Just started my challenge as well - trying to love 2 1/2 stone over 6 months and run 13 miles in total every week. First week hasn’t gone so well due to being ill, but still just having Huel for breakfast and lunch with a properly portioned dinner.

Anyone got any fun tips of things I can make with Huel? Are Huel balls a thing at all?


Good luck Dom.

Nice typo. When I was a student I shared a house with 4 girls and they had some kind of diet mantra that was something like ‘Love the fat away’.

Wondered if anyone had tried a Huel pizza base? Neutral rather than vanilla for me with that :wink: I did go to a Pizza Hut in the US once and they had pizzas for pudding with fruit and icing on. So maybe even vanilla pizza bases have a use.

Haha whoops didn’t see that! Pizza base could be interesting and would
probably work quite well. Might try it out next weekend.