New to Huel! Goals: Weight loss and health and has anyone got any recipes?

So just briefly… I’ve just received my first order of Huel and my goal is to be healthier overall and try a more vegan lifestyle (knowing full well I haven’t got the time or effort to go vegan in the traditional sense) and hopefully lose a bit of weight too!
My aim is to use Huel to replace my breakfast and one main meal with the occasional 100% Huel day in my busy schedule.
What most intrigues me is any recipie ideas or hacks others have found to try? Let me know and wish me luck!


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I would use the search function to search for “flavour”, “flavouring” or “recipe.” That will give you approximately a dozen threads with good ideas.


Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey.

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UPDATE: So I tried my first lot of Huel yesterday.
3x scoops vanilla with 500ml shaken (bare in mind that I was aware it would taste better blended) and even with the iron will of an upcoming wedding, it just wasn’t to my taste. Not to be deterred today I purchased a blender and tried a different combo.
2x scoops vanilla (to tone down the powder texture)
2x bananas (to thicken and flavour)
300ml water (less for a thicker consistency)
Hallelujah! This is actually guide good! It’s thick, creamy and has a fresh taste.
Going to try some Cocoa powder and a banana for this evening I think!


Haha when I first tried huel with water I didn’t like it too. Now I blend it with soya milk and add flavour, mostly nesquick, hot chocolate powder or fruit. I use a nutri-bullet type blender so there’s no washing up :slight_smile:

Might have to try Soya milk/almond milk. I really do prefer a creamy texture.

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I must admit its my first day with Huel, and i found the Powderiness of it with water a bit overwhelming and difficult to drink, i’ve come home and mixed 2 scoops of huel, with a sachet of cup a soup beef and tomato, with 250ml hot water and 250ml of cold water and blended it in a Breville active-blend pro, and its delicious, definately a keeped for me

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I quite like the flavour of Vanilla Huel but have been experimenting a bit recently.

I bought some frozen strawberries and blueberries in Sainsbury’s and half a cup totally changes the taste of the shake. With a teaspoon of Cocoa Powder it’s different again.

I’ve also tried frozen bananas and cinnamon. Also pretty good.

I also tried pin nuts and almonds. Not so good.

If you’re being careful about your daily nutritional intake make sure you take anything you add into account with your calculations.

Would love to try Huel soups/savoury but going to have to find the right one I think! Definitely loving bananas though.

Bear in mind, 2 bananas are quite impactful on the nutritional content of a meal. Try less, like 1 or 1/2 a banana. It should be enough to give it some taste still.
Are you on vanilla or unflavoured?

As suggested, here are a couple of places where different flavours have been discussed:

I personally like the Vanilla Huel if well shaken and left to sit for a while (1-2 hours). With the unflavoured one I use stock cubes or spices (like the recent one from Lidl’s Polish week plus sweet chili sauce.
If not using the blender beware the clumps that will ruin the experience.

It’s just my personal taste :slight_smile: Personally I’m not calorie counting, just trying to be overall healthier with my meal choices and hopefully lose a bit of weight.

i add a table spoon of coffee for every two scoops! good to have at work

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Do you leave it overnight? I find that makes a world of difference to the rexture, make before bed and leave in fridge, especially for breakfast.


IFW, would you suggest that, with just a regular mix of Vanilla Huel and water, as well? ^

in my opinion it helps reduce the powdery texture and produces a smoother drink, it does come out thicker but I account for that by using 600ml water for three scoops of Huel.

Nice one - I’ll give that a go this evening, for work tomorrow. Thanks.