Getting started - new to Huel

Not yet taken the plunge but thinking of starting to use Huel to lose a couple of stone. Will probably replace breakfast and lunch then have a proper meal with the wife (who’s doing weight watchers so will be pretty sensible rather than fast food). I have a couple of questions for you.

  1. Should I go for flavoured Huel (vanilla or coffee) or unflavoured?
  2. Is 2 Huel meals a day sustainable and a realistic way to shed the pounds?
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  1. Most people will suggest vanilla, it is sweet but fairly neutral. Unflavoured tastes of raw oats, and isn’t as popular, though if you find New Vanilla too sweet it’s good to mix 1:1. If you like coffee, then a coffee bag will make a good addition for some easy variety.

  2. Yes, absolutely, many people do just that. Though you’ll need to be aware of calories in/out and exercise - the MyFitnessPal app is pretty useful for that sort of thing.
    There are some people on here who are really experienced and will give you some great advice on diet and exercise.

Welcome to the slightly obsessed Huel forum. :wink:

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First, original vanilla. (Seriously)
Second, I’ve done Huel once a day, twice a day and all-a-day. All work fine. For the past week I’ve done Huel twice. I feel great, satisfied, plenty of energy including at the gym.

I would order new vanilla and original vanilla to see what you prefer.

Good luck

Welcome to the forum and the Huel Community! What you’ve suggested all sounds sensible. We have some useful resources online that can help you out like our Guide for Fat Loss.

Personally I would say that a combo of New & Improved Vanilla/Unflavoured would be a good starting point, mix them 50:50 if Vanilla is too sweet for you. For me it’s spot on on its own!

All the best! Let us know if you have any more questions :blush:

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Welcome :slightly_smiling_face: Huel seems like such a game-changer that it feels like religious experience!

I started two weeks ago, mostly using it for breakfast and lunch. I find it easy, tasty, convenient and healthy, not to mention excellent for my weight loss goals.

Hi glad you have found huel :slight_smile: I have just started it a couple of weeks ago, I have the new vanilla and the coffee one, I really like the new vanilla but I might be in the minority because a lot of people think its too sweet so be aware with that, the coffee one has grown on me, it tasted a bit weird at first but I’m really liking it now.
I’ve been having it a lot as all my meals but I still do have days where I only have it for breakfast and lunch and then normal food or just huel once a day, whatever happens.
I have lost over a stone (14 pounds) so far aswell as going to the gym and logging my food on myfitnesspal so it is definitely possible, at the end of it all though it just comes down to energy in versus energy out so as long as you are staying in the right calories then you will lose weight and it is a lot easier counting calories with huel :smile: good luck with it :slight_smile:

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A vote for original vanilla here

After your comments I went for a vanilla and an unsweetened and I’m glad I did. Yesterday was day 1 and I started with a 2 scoop vanilla which while I finished it ok it was far too sweet for my liking (and I have a sweet tooth). Since then I’ve been going 50/50 vanilla/unsweetened and that’s about right for me. I also found that adding a bit of ice before shaking helps to get rid of lumps and get the last bits of power around the edge of the shaker at the bottom to mix.

Now I’ve just got to stick to it and hopefully watch the flab fade away.